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Don’t just dream it, Experience it!   Do it. We'll show you how to have a perfect Bali wedding...
Your perfect Bali wedding will be a once in a life time event. Therefore it is very important that your wedding in Bali runs smoothly. In the following we would like to present you with some guidelines that will help you to make your wedding in Bali truly perfect. 1. Appoint a good and reputable Wedding Organizer (WO), such as the ones offered on this blog and be sure they are licensed company in Bali.   Find out how long they have been established and ask for references from former wedding couples so you can make the best choice.   Be sure to sign an agreement or contract so everything is clear in the beginning about expectations and procedures. 2. Schedule at time at least six months in advance to come to Bali before the wedding to do site inspections for your perfect Bali wedding .    Generally you can plan your whole wedding in about three days if your Bali wedding planner is organized.   Experience your chosen wedding venue and review with your Wedding planner how you see your wedding day unfolding.   A really fun day, the pre-meetings are the food tastings so you can custom create the menu for the reception party.   Enjoy the preparations as much as the actual wedding day so let your Bali wedding organizer make your schedule! 3. Appoint one of the few outstanding expert photographers to document your perfect Bali wedding . Because at the end of the day all that will remain with you from that magic day in Bali - will be the photographs and/or the video... so it is an investment in your future memories.  Be sure when you are viewing samples of photos you are actually hiring the photographer who shot them and not an assistant or staff working for the photography company. 4. Plan and book early as Bali is becoming one of the most sought out destination wedding locations in the world.   For most brides and grooms, choosing a wedding date and reception venue is normally on the top of the wedding planning list, followed by choosing a wedding dress and thinking about the initial guest list.  The most romantic ocean front or ocean view private luxury villas are one of a kind options so we suggest to start your inquiries 12 to 18 months in advance for the Bali wedding venue selection and confirming your wedding date so ensure you have the best location and teams of people working with you.   Plus you want to give enough time to your family and friends to save the dates. 5. Stay awhile -  At least a few days before and after the wedding and make it your honeymoon destination too.    Maybe wedding in the South and a romantic honeymoon somewhere else in Bali.. Bali has so many special and exotic spots,  a good Bali wedding organizer should also be able to plan that aspect of your Bali wedding too.
A perfect Bali wedding

A perfect Bali wedding

6. Talk to the people you want to invite about when they have time and when it would be convenient for them to take a holiday.  We have found the wedding couple speculates if they invite 100 people only half will come, but we have discovered the opposite!  Since it’s a Bali Wedding the confirmation is about 80%, so be prepared for most of your wedding guest list to attend. 7. Plan activities and social events outside the wedding day so you have time to spend with the friends and family who will also attend your wedding.   Your Bali wedding organizer can arrange pre and post events and make suggestions on day trips for the whole family to enjoy.   You can even create a custom designed wedding websites with all the travel tips and accommodation suggestions with recommended activities as well as the Bali destination wedding itinerary which can keep your wedding guest list updated easily. 8. Don't just opt for a Bali wedding package, which may entail many compromises but individually design your Bali wedding and the days in Bali with a professional.   An expert Bali wedding planner has many ideas about how to create a theme and or an overall wedding design. 9. Take some time to brainstorm and jot down some initial wedding ideas and/or wedding themes that you envision for the big day. Don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild at this point. Whether you have a specific "theme" in mind or not, one thing that will help tie everything together throughout the planning process is to decide on your wedding colors.  Selecting a color or two that you feel really speaks to you will also help you out with choosing flowers, bridesmaid dresses and decor. You may also want to come up with an overall style idea for your wedding: "simple chic", "eco-friendly", "old Hollywood", etc. This will really help narrow down the wide range of wedding ideas out there into something much more manageable. 10. Don’t just dream it, Experience it!   Do it. Posted by: Bali Wedding Diva

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