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When in Bali do as the Balinese do, right ? Why not getting married in Bali and hold your wedding just as the Balinese would, in a spectacular Balinese temple with all the enchanting temple décor, Balinese flower girls, a Balinese Hindu priest , a traditional Balinese music ensemble, Balinese dancers, etc..

I am sorry, but I am afraid I have bad news for you. Unless you are getting married to a Balinese and you are of Hindu faith that such a wedding is (almost) off limits to you.

Balinese customs do not allow for weddings of non-Balinese to be held in a temple in Bali.

But that is the only restriction that applies to non-Balinese getting married in Bali. All the other ‘ingredients’ mentioned above can be part of what is commonly referred to as a Balinese blessing ceremony, whereby your union will be blessed by a Balinese priest using all the utensils used during a Balinese wedding.

Also, some wedding organizers can arrange weddings in very typical Balinese settings, which include Balinese prayer flags, traditional Balinese umbrellas, traditional Balinese flower decorations and with Balinese flower girls, a Balinese gamelan or bamboo ensemble.

Different wedding organizers have different kinds of blessing ceremonies.

Therefore, you should get a detailed description of the inclusions and photographs that show how your blessing ceremony will look like.

We would also like to caution you to book such a ceremony from just any wedding planner in Bali because there are Wedding planners out there who just send someone dressed in Balinese traditional clothing, uttering some Balinese words and performing rituals that  actually have nothing to do with a Balinese blessing ceremony.

Balinese blessing ceremonies are popular with couples who want to hold a commitment ceremony in Bali or who want to pledge towards each other to renew their vows.

For some inspiration of 'Bali flavored' weddings you may want to check out the following:

Here is a beautiful Indian wedding in Bali, which had a Balinese blessing ceremony at it's center. 

Here is another Indian wedding in Bali with lot's of Balinese customs. 

Here is a Bali wedding with a different kind of Balinese blessing ceremony, held after the conventional ceremony.

As ever, please send us an email and we shall get you in touch with a wedding organizer that can arrange such Balinese blessing ceremony for you.

Post written by: Jameela Tey℠™  

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