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Choosing your wedding planner is probably the most important decision that you will make during your wedding planning process.  Don’t make the mistake of choosing a wedding planner just based on price alone. The last thing you want is to commit yourself to a slightly cheaper option only to find out closer to your wedding day (or on your wedding day!) that their service is lacking and not what you expected.

You get what you pay for

To find the right wedding planner in Bali I recommend that you contact a number of different wedding companies to assess the services they offer and the associated costs.  Shop around! 

Know your options - because only then, can you make an good decision with regards to the company you choose to entrust with the task of assisting you with what will probably become you’re life’s most important event. 

Always remember that cost is not everything and that at the end of the day: you get what you pay for.

Careful - hidden cost

When researching your wedding and getting proposals and quotations please be aware that some wedding organizers may offer incomplete cost estimates! 

So before signing up for someone’s service make sure you are aware of all of the associated costs.  If you choose a less reputable wedding planner you may find you get some nasty surprises with regards to additional costs after you have paid your deposit.

I suggest that you start your wedding planning early to ensure availability of all desired services, vendors and venues.  A major advantage of choosing and booking your wedding planner early is that you and your chosen wedding planner can build a close relationship. 

Book early

Through frequent correspondence via emails and telephone a friendship often forms and in some cases continues on after the actual wedding has taken place.  Booking 12 to 18 months prior to your wedding is a good time frame to work with. But of course it is not mandatory to book that early.

It is almost impossible to judge the level of service offered be a wedding planner company over a short space of time and only a few emails.

So researching early is essential.  This will allow you the time required to make the right decision will set your mind at ease.

An event as important as your wedding should not be left in the hands of an inexperienced or unprofessional wedding planner. Beware: Plenty of those around in Bali!

Make sure that you are aware of their reputation and their knowledge and skill levels with regards to event coordination.  

Choosing the right wedding planner in Bali will ensure that your planning process is enjoyable and runs smoothly, resulting in your wedding day being as perfect as it can be.

Of course we recommend that you start your research by contacting the wedding planner recommended here on our site. If you want me to help you finding a planner please click below:

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