A Bali wedding in a ocean view villa

A Bali villa wedding is great in the fact that you have the most options and the greatest possible flexibility in regards to all components of your wedding. And it were villa weddings that have made Bali such a popular wedding destination.

You can choose your own setup and decoration and you are not limited to packages like those offered by hotels and resorts or wedding chapels.  You can choose your own catering company, entertainment etc. 

All of these additional choices come together to create an event which is a true reflection of your own unique taste and style.

The other great benefit of having a Bali villa wedding is the privacy and intimacy it offers.  Most hotel venues offer ceremony and reception venues which are still in close proximity to other hotel guests and this can reduce the intimacy of your wedding event.

However, please note that a Bali villa wedding may have certain cost components that you may not be aware of and therefore, we suggest that you discuss your budget and options with your wedding planner first before considering a villa wedding.  The last thing you want to do is fall in love with a villa venue only to find out that it is not within reach due to your budget constraints.

If you are lucky enough to be able to have a Bali villa wedding then you will need to consider villas which are suitable for events, this means that they have adequate outdoor space such as big grassed areas to cater for the size of your ceremony and reception.  Your wedding coordinator will advise on this and discuss your options with you.

Some villas do offer under cover areas which can be used in the case that the weather does not permit but a large number of villas are not accommodating so a wet weather alternative such as marquees should always be considered. Again any good wedding organizer will advise you on such matters.

The location of your villa should also be taken into consideration as a large number of event villas are between a 30 minutes to 1-hour drive from the main tourist area of Bali.  If you are not providing transport for your guests then you may like to consider offering a map or specific directions with your wedding invitation.

Whether it is a garden, beach or cliff top villa it will most certainly have a wow factor and that will impress your guests and make your special day a memorable one. For those couples who would like a Bali villa wedding but have a slightly lower budget, there are a couple of hotels which have their own villas suitable for events so this may be an option to look into and consider.  

Posted by: Jameela Tey ℠™

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