Bali wedding in rain

rain during a Bali wedding

Even in Bali the sun does not shine every day and occasionally it rains. Be prepared...

We would like to give some valuable advice from a senior wedding planner in Bali on how to prepare to for rain during an outdoor wedding in Bali. Most every couple wanting a Bali Wedding imagines a beautiful ocean view, or lush greenery under clear blue sky and warm tropical weather. However, even in Bali the sun does not shine every day and occasionally it rains.

This article will prepare you for what to do if… Globally changing weather patterns have affected Bali to.

Normally the wet season lasts from October to April and the dry season is from April to October. However, in recent years things have become a bit unpredictable. Here are some useful suggestions  to relieve you from the worry of a wet wedding. Before you book the venue:

  • Choose a wedding venue which has a backup plan location that is sufficiently sheltered. Most hotels will offer their function room or restaurant as a backup venue. Ask them to show you that backup venue (with décor) in order to avoid disappointments. Ask if additional costs would associated in case you have to use the alternative venue.
  • For villa weddings talk to your wedding organizer and ask what is the backup plan. You may consider ordering a tent for the reception.

During the planning:

  • Let your wedding planner describe and explain to you on the ‘Plan B’ !! In detail !!
  • If a tent or marquee is  suggested, get a  quote and the layout to avoid unpleasant surprises…Tents and marquees cannot be ordered last minute on wedding day. It should be ordered at least 2-3 days prior to the wedding and installed one day before the wedding.
  • Monitor the weather pattern once you arrive in Bali.

On the wedding day:

  • In consultation with your wedding planner monitor the weather on wedding day and let your wedding planner give you suggestion on what need to be done if the weather is not permitting
  • Besides following plan B, a good planner should allow you to make decision whether you like to go ahead with plan B until the last minute .  The planner will need to coordinate everything closely with all vendors if they need to re-set up to ensure that everything is ready on time.
  • Don’t be stressed and enjoy your wedding

Also, please be advised that in Bali usually rain comes in the form of short, intensive showers and it very rarely rains for extended periods. So, during the rainy season you may want to consider setting your ceremony time rather early as this may allow you on the day to postpone for 30 minutes or an hour until the rain has passed. My final advise is: I am not sure if you ever heard about “rain stoppers” in Bali. Most couples laugh and immediately ask: Does it work? Well, I have seen my fair share of miracles performed by rain stoppers in Bali, but ultimately there is no guarantee and we all still need to rely on God. Happy Wedding in Bali! Feny - from Bali Wedding Paradise

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