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The Catholic church in Bali, which has always been a bit more complicated to deal with than other religious institutions when it comes to the needs of international couples wanting to hold a wedding in Bali has raised the bar even further to make it harder, or in many cases even impossible to hold their wedding in Bali. Catholic weddings in Bali - no more ? It is still possible and I will tell you how...

Recently, the church had issued a directive that no Catholic priest is allowed to officiate a wedding outside a Catholic church. So what does that mean: It means no more Bali catholic weddings in villas, hotels, wedding chapels, etc…  

Please note that the commercial wedding chapels such as Infinity, Ritual, Wiwaha, etc… do not qualify as Catholic churches and can therefore also cannot hold Catholic weddings anymore.

Catholic weddings in Bali that have already been booked and confirmed before that directive was issued are not affected and will go ahead as planned.

This seems to be an international ‘trend’ because it is not only applicable for Bali but for other countries as well.

The Philippines for instance, where the vast majority of the population is Catholic and where outdoor weddings on the beach and other nice locations had become very popular, this directive has virtually killed the outdoor wedding business and forced all couples to perform their wedding rites in a Catholic church.

I would like to emphasize that this only applies to couples who want their wedding to be officiated by a Catholic priest in Bali. The Protestant church in Bali does not apply any such silly restrictions and has been known to be always very accommodating towards couples wanting to hold their nuptials in one of Bali’s countless fabulous venues.

However, if you dear reader of this article, are of Catholic faith and you wish to have a Catholic wedding in Bali do not despair – it still can be done.  And in fact, as always, there are several ways leading towards Rome… pun intended!

How to have Catholic Wedding in Bali

Here is how:

1. Bali has a few Catholic churches and some are located conveniently in Kuta or Nusa Dua. International couples are welcome to get married in of those churches. Those couples can then, after the ceremony has concluded, celebrate their wedding in style in a villa or any other venue.

2. Even before this new regulation was introduced many couples who were actually Catholics, allowed their wedding to be carried out by a priest from the protestant church of Bali.

3. Many couples chose a celebrant, who is not an official priest of a church to perform their wedding rites.  However, please note that if you chose this option your wedding in Bali cannot be a legal wedding that is also recognized in your country.

4. You may also opt to have the religious part of your wedding to be carried out in your home country and have blessing ceremony in Bali. Such blessing ceremonies come in a great variety of ‘flavors’ and your wedding planner will give you options to choose from.

If you want to see a beautiful catholic wedding in Bali please click here. That is how to have catholic weddings in Bali! And as always, if you have any questions about this or if you want me to put you in touch with someone who can arrange a wonderful (catholic) wedding in Bali please drop me an email and I will gladly assist you.


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