Timing for wedding in Bali

Timing is everything - or so they say... This also holds true for weddings in Bali. In fact wrong timing or a wrong schedule can ruin your wedding.

The best time to start your wedding ceremony depends on the time the sun is due to set on that particular day.  Many couples request sunset weddings. However we do not recommend this due to the fact that the lighting for photography is not ideal and if for unforeseen reasons your wedding is running late you may end up without photographs or poor flash light photos.

Other factors that should be taken into consideration are the chosen venue with regards to lighting and weather.  There are some areas in Bali where the available light is reduced earlier in the day due to the surrounding landscape.

For weather, the heat at particular times of day can also be an issue, especially at beach locations as the available shade is limited and the increased heat from the reflection of the sand can be very uncomfortable for all wedding attendees.

The scheduled events for the entire wedding also need to be considered:

  • Is a cocktail hour required? 
  • What time will the reception dinner commence? 
  • Is the reception venue at the same location or does travel time need to be factored in also?

Your Wedding planner can offer a recommended start time based on all of the above and depending on your preferences, you may also want to seek your photographer’s advice on this too.

The most common times for the commencement of weddings is between 4.00pm and 4.30pm as this allows in most cases sufficient time for the ceremony itself plus a photo session including group, family, bridal party and couples shots prior to sunset. 

It also allows enough time for a ‘cocktail hour’ (if required), prior to the start of the reception dinner. 

If your wedding ceremony and reception are taking place in two different locations, this time can also be used as travelling time.

When setting the time of your wedding ceremony more towards the later part of the afternoon you may also run the risk of a bit of stress in case some of your guests arrive late or due to other unforeseen circumstances.

You can of course have a morning wedding if desired and most of the above factors will still need to be taken into consideration.  Just also make sure that you allow enough time for your pre-wedding preparations such as hair and makeup.


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