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Ladies, in this article I would like to take the headache of how to find the right wedding planner in Bali away from you. And give you advice on what to consider when selecting a wedding planner for you. I can also help you to find a Bali wedding planner that is perfect for your individual needs ...


Bali has become the world’s most popular destination for destinations weddings outside Las Vegas. Hardly surprising considering what Bali’s wedding industry has to offer.

The spectrum of options for a wedding in Bali ranges from inexpensive, all-inclusive wedding packages in 3-star resorts to lavish, deluxe weddings in spectacular villas and estates.

Many of you have told me that the range of choices and options for a wedding in Bali can be daunting and overwhelming. That is because unlike in the hotel industry where a star rating system can give patrons a quite good idea of what to expect no such ranking system exists for wedding service providers in Bali.

This makes it hard for you to know what is good and what is not.

But wait, there is even more confusion. Because different service providers have different perceptions about what is a wedding planner, a wedding organizer, wedding consultant or a wedding coordinator.

So, how to find the right wedding company in Bali ?


Careful! Services among Bali wedding planners can be very different.


Wedding planners & organizers in Bali have highly varying levels of service and quality of service. Consequently, fees and prices also vary greatly also.

If one wedding company offers you their services at a different price point than another this can be due to different services being provided.

On one side of the spectrum, there are wedding package (re)sellers.

Let me tell you how they work: Similar to a restaurant they will give you a menu of choices for possible wedding venues and provide some information on the options available.

Usually, such companies offer a range of packages that include a particular venue, varying degrees of decoration and a priest / ministrant plus civil registry services.

Some of them may include also makeup & hair styling for the bride, photography and video and entertainment options.

Often, their packages are quite rigid with few options. The services they provide on the day can also vary greatly. For instance, some show up 30 minutes before the ceremony and leave shortly after the ceremony has concluded.

They provide little or no coordination – yet they still call themselves wedding organizers. Therefore, sometimes bargain hunters may end up with more than they have bargained for…

Don't expect too much if you shop on the cheap end. And be especially wary about the quality of vendors that come as part of the package. 

Professional wedding planners provide a greater range of services


On the other side of the spectrum are true professional wedding planners.

They meet with clients on a day before the wedding to discuss the day and schedule of events and come as a team of 2-3 (or more if necessary) on the wedding day.

They arrive long before the ceremony and check every detail to make sure that all is in order, that venue is well prepared, coordinate the work of other vendors who have also been contracted through them.

They stay until the dinner or through the entire evening. Services may include a rehearsal of the ceremony and a wedding coordinator on standby truly coordinating the entire event or parts of it.

Top planners really help you to plan and show you options


There are also a few highly specialized event planners who will carefully analyze all your desires and requirements, suggest you several venues and offer their expertise as to what venue should be best suited to meet your expectations.

Such Bali wedding planners offer a range choices and options for services such as catering, makeup & hair, photography & video, décor, entertainment and other services.

Couples choosing such a wedding planner often come to Bal a few months before the wedding.  During such a visit the planner will arrange meetings with potential service providers.  Helping you to chose those who best fits your requirements.

Such wedding planners will provide advice and insights on what is best for your individual requirements. They then meticulously plan and organize every aspect of your wedding. 

Their services often go beyond what is required on the wedding day. They will take care of you from the day you arrive in Bali and until you depart. 

They will also help you with the logistics required for your guests and many other vital aspects that make a wedding in Bali perfect.

They usually charge a service fee on top of the fees for the venue and other services required. They will carefully listen to your individual wishes and spend many hours on exchanging emails. 

Most Bali wedding planners though fall somewhere in between these two sides of the spectrum.

Therefore, you should carefully check if the chosen party meets your expectations and exactly what services will they provide during the planning stage of your wedding and on the day itself. 

Usually, you can see after 2,3,4 emails what kind of wedding company you are dealing with.

Hotels & Resorts and Chapels are not wedding planners!


Now ladies comes a big one. It is very important for you to understand the following. 

Hotels & resorts, some villas, as well as dedicated wedding venues such as chapels, offer also wedding services and wedding packages.

For many couples, that is also a feasible option. 

However, please bear in mind that when you chose to buy a complete package from venues directly it may lack the flexibility of options and may include services that you don’t need or that not meet your expectations.

You may also want to read this article which explains what to expect when going for an all-in package from a hotel / resort.

No, it is not cheaper to book directly from a hotel & resort, chapel or villa!


There is a misperception that when dealing directly with a venue / hotel / resort / chapel you will get a better price.

Sometimes it can be cheaper to book directly from a venue, but often the opposite is true.

That is because independent wedding organizers get better prices from venues and other vendors. They also can help you to save cost by tailoring an individual package with only the components you need.

Many hotels & resorts and chapels offer packages where some of the components in the package such as photography and video may not be what you had wished for.  

Many brides and couples found that out the hard way when they got their photos and video, which was too bad to show to friends and family.

Here is why: Hotels and resorts try to maximize their profits and therefore often have inferior and rather cheap vendor services which they buy from outside.

This even holds true for most of the big, luxurious five star resorts and well-known wedding chapels.

I highly recommend you also check out the article: PROFESSIONAL RIPP-OFF and learn how to avoid costly mistakes and disapointments. 

Ladies, I hope you now have a better idea of how to find the right wedding company in Bali. If you want me to recommend a good, professional wedding planner for your wedding please press the button below:


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