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In this article I will explain you the very real difference between affordable wedding photographers in Bali and cheap wedding photography and why cheap may not be your best choice. And of course I have recommendations for you...



Careful with really cheap photographers in Bali

Wedding photography in Bali is probably the most competitive and most crowded segment of Bali’s booming wedding industry. It is great that couples can get good value for their money but a little caution is in order when evaluating your options.

The reasons being a lot of ‘wanna-be’ photographers in Bali  think that a digital DSLR camera, a lens or two and a website is all they need to make a quick bug in wedding photography. And those 'lemons' are certainly not affordable Wedding Photographers in Bali.

If you end up with poor photographs of your wedding those 'lemons' were actually pretty expensive.

Your photographs are forever

Bear in mind that from your wedding in Bali the only thing that will remain with you for a life-time are the photographs and your wedding certificate.

If there is something wrong with the decoration of your wedding venue, or with your wedding dress or if the dinner is not as tasty as expected then this will certainly cause grievances but after a few days, a few weeks or a few months it will be all forgotten.

But not your wedding photographs! They will likely remain with you for a lifetime and beyond.  Therefore, even if photography is not of very high importance for you, it still makes sense to chose wisely or have regrets for a long time.

What often distinguishes affordable wedding photographers in Bali from outright cheap wedding photography is what you don’t see on the website of the photographer or in their packages offered to you.

It is things like the experience of the photographer, his or her ability to communicate with you and your guests, whether he brings backup equipment and a lot of other factors which most couples are not aware of until it is too late.

The list of potential pitfalls is long and it would go beyond the scope of this article to list them all.

Therefore, I rather point you towards your best option for affordable wedding photographers in Bali. Professional wedding photography without any unpleasant surprises.  Three such photographers I can wholeheartedly recommend to you:


Martin Dewata is a local Balinese photographer. He is a very talented local wedding photo-journalist. Martin has over 5 years experience with international couples. He is quite popular due to his comparably inexpensive services and good quality of his photographs and his services.

artin has over 5 years experience with international couples. He is quite popular due to his comparably inexpensive services and good quality of his photographs and his services.

You can learn more about him at:Good & affordable local Bali Wedding Photographer



Jo Yu is the ideal choice for clients who love this classic, timeless film-look. He creates photographs with a touch of Vintage. Pictures that touch the soul... is his motto. And I feel that this holds true when you look at his work. His attention to detail and the way he plays with light and shadow create a style of photography that is very much in demand nowadays.

And at the moment his services are still comparatively inexpensive. Check him out at:

Jo Yu - Film look photographer


Help me find an AFFORDABLE wedding PhotographerAvoid disappointments and regrets ! !


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Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments on this article.

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