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Bali is truly a paradise for couples who want a cheap and instant photographic documentation of their wedding in Bali. But what if you recognize the value of outstanding wedding photography and if you want nothing less than than best?


What if you want a multiple award winning Bali photographer - a world-class photographer of the highest standards ?

I am not sure how many of you dear readers know what the WPJA and the AG-WPJA are. So, allow me to explain.  WPJA stands for Wedding Photojournalist Association. This is a world-wide organization, based in the USA with members from over 50 countries.

It is devoted to present the world’s best wedding photojournalists under one umbrella. 

Any wedding photographer who seeks admittance to this highly prestigious organization will have his/her portfolio scrutinized by a competent jury and only a select few photographers are granted membership.

Even more rigorous criteria are applied for photographers who want to become members of the ARTISTIC GUILD OF THE WEDDING PHOTOJOURNALIST ASSOCIATION.  Member photographers of the ARTISTIC GUILD do not only need to show outstanding abilities as photo journalists, but also need to apply a distinguished  artistic  style to their photography.

Besides photographic skill member photographers of both organizations also need to adhere to the highest standards in business practices and client services.

The WPJA and the AG-WPJA carry out regular contests among its members and award the best photos.  A top price in one of those awards means for a photographer about the same as an Oscar to an actor.

Is there such an award winning Bali photographer ?  

YES ! Currently Bali has 3 such distinguished photographers.

However only one of them is a FIRST PLACE winner of the AG-WPJA: DOMINIK, from DOMINIK PHOTOGRAPHY.  

Besides his recent first price he has also won a 2nd and a 4th place in contest from the ARTISTIC GUILD OF WEDDING PHOTO JOURNALISTS ASSOCIATION

And we cannot praise his work highly enough. For brides and grooms who want wedding photographs that will trigger instant wows among viewers DOMINIK is your award winning Bali photographer. 


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If this is of interest to you make sure to check out DOMINIK’s websites at:

Bali Wedding Photoblog

Best international Wedding Photographer in Bali

You can learn about what has made Dominik the leading award winning Bali photographer on this page.


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