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Welcome to the first part of a multi-part series of articles about the cost of a Bali wedding.

If you want the short version and short answer on the cost of a Bali wedding you may want to read our newer article first: THE COST OF A BALI WEDDING 

If all you need is just a priest or a ministrant who performs a ceremony with no decoration or anything else, then you may get away with as little as 300 USD – 500 USD

If you want your Bali Wedding to be legal and recognized in your home country, then you will need a religious ceremony and also the services of an Indonesian civil registry.  Doing so will in most cases also involve you having to visit your consulate / embassy on one of the days before your wedding. Also, you will need some other official business after your Bali wedding – which will be taken care of by your wedding organizer / wedding company / wedding planner / wedding coordinator or whoever is helping you with this. 

Expect the cost of a Bali Wedding with a religious ceremony, civil registry and all the related bureaucracy between 700 USD – 1000 USD.  Those fees can vary slightly depending on what country you are from. 

So, with 700 USD – 1000 USD you can get legally married in Bali with your Bali wedding recognized in your home country.  These are the most basic components for the cost of a Bali wedding.

Very few wedding companies in Bali let you book only ceremony services.

Why? Because they want to sell you more. However, there is one excellent company that has been doing weddings for over 8 years that offers ceremony services only. There you can book a priest only if you like or other types of ceremony. And as far as I know they have the best prices in Bali for that.

So if you want to book your wedding ceremony services separately then make sure to check out: Bali Wedding ceremony services provided by BALI WEDDING PACKAGES.

Anyone charging you more for these services is probably taking you for a ride. 

If you are offered these services for significantly less than what I quoted here, then proceed with caution and/or be prepared for some hidden or backdoor fees.

Also please note that very few wedding companies in Bali will offer you priest only or priest & legal only services. Usually, those services are provided as part of a package that will include a venue and at least some decor. In the next part: Cost of a Bali Wedding – Part Two you will learn about the cost for décor and decoration of your wedding venue. For any questions, you may have please send an email to Jameela


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