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Flowers & Decor are part of every wedding. And those flowers & decor will greatly influence how your wedding will look like.


This is the 2nd part of a multi-part series of articles about the cost of a wedding in Bali. Before reading this article we recommend that you have read the first part in this series: Cost of a Bali Wedding – Part One.

Basic Flower & Decor starts at 400 USD

Most brides will want to have at least some decoration for their wedding. A very basic décor consisting of some sort of flower arrangements on each side of the altar with local flowers will set you back for somewhere between 400 USD – 700 USD.

But again I want to emphasize this is quite basic – no flower arch over the altar or any other décor elements. 

If you want ad a flower arch and some flowers on the ground then you will be looking at 600 USD – 1000 USD. It depends on the kind of flowers you want to have and how elaborately your arch or other altar decor is made.

If you want the same but with imported flowers prices will double and you will be looking at a price range of 1400 USD – 2000 USD.  The above mentioned cost will typically also involve a few chairs in case you have guests.

If you have a typical wedding with say 15 – 50 guests, who are seated in decorated chairs and you want to walk down an aisle covered with flowers and a few more flower décor items you probably will have to forge out around 1000 USD – 1500 USD. 

That will also already include your flower bouquet and flower bouquet for the bride’s maids and a flower shower when you walk off the altar. But that is still more on the basic side and mostly with local flower. If you want to have imported flowers then you should probably double that amount.

High-end Flowers & Decor can be up to 5000 - 7000 USD

If you want a nice décor with:

  • several meters of rather densely spread out flowers on the ground
  • decoration flowers along the isle
  • a nicely decorated altar with a flower arch or bamboo marquee with flower festoons / garlands  and
  • flowers on all the chairs
  • flowers for you and the bride’s maids
  • flower buttonaires for the groom and the groom’s men
  • and flower décor for the tables on the reception

then you will be looking at somewhere between 3000 – 5000 USD.

If its all imported flowers it can even go up to 7000 USD and more.  It’s a bit hard to pin this component down because there are many variables such as how many guests will be attending your wedding , how many flower bouquets you will be needing, how long is the aisle which is to be covered with flowers, etc..

So, this how flowers and decor contribute to the over-all cost of a wedding in Bali.

At this moment there are few florists out there who you can directly contact and arrange your flowers through them. In most cases your flower and decor is either part of your package or is organized through your Bali wedding planner.

In the next article of this series you will learn about Cost of a wedding in Bali – Photographer.

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