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Remember: In a few years down the line all that will be left of your wedding in Bali will be memories and the photographs of your big day. Therefore photography should be the last place where you should go cheap. If you do so you may well have a lifetime to regret it.


This is part Three in our series 'cost of a wedding in Bali'. Before reading this article we recommend that you have read the first parts in this series: Cost of a Bali wedding – Part One and Cost of a wedding in Bali – Part Two

Bali Wedding Photography is very competitive

You will probably want to have your wedding photographed by a professional.

Bali wedding photography is the most competitive field in Bali’s wedding industry and you can get away with incredibly cheap deals.

But the devil is in the details and a lot will depend on what class of photographer you will have. And whether you want an album, etc…

On the lower end, for a basic package with two hours of photographic coverage and all the photos on disc you can get away with as little as 300 USD. However don’t expect too much and better ask questions to your photographer and see at least 10 weddings wich this very photographer has done or run the risk of getting photographs which are worse than the ones 'Uncle Jo' has done…

satisfactory Bali wedding photographer for 3-5 hours including a ‘so-so’ photo album and all photos on disc will cost you somewhere between 500 – 800 USD

For 6–8 hours, including a ‘so-so’ photo album and all photos on disc hours expect to pay somewhere around 700 USD – 1200 USD.  

Careful backdoor fees & hidden costs!

For anything less than what I quoted above I suggest you proceed with caution and be prepared for hidden and backdoor fees and other nasty surprises...

If you want a top award winning photographer in Bali your options get rather limited – there is less than a handful out there.

Here expect to pay for half day coverage plus a decent album between 1500 USD – 2500 USD and for full day even up to 5000 USD

If you pay more than that for a Bali-based photographer you are being taken for a ride…

If you want nothing less than the very best wedding you should check out the following two superstars photographers in Bali:



Another excellent option may be the following Bali wedding photographer: VALENTINO RUYA . He is considered as the finest local wedding photographer in Bali. At the following link: check out his weddings.

JO YU film-look wedding photography  - he is the perfect choice for those who like natural, classic wedding photographs in film-look style.

For the more price concious who still want to have a great photographer please check out:

MARTIN DEWATA - one of Bali's best local photographers and a great person to work with.

If you want me to help you the right photographer for your wedding please click below. 


Help me find the right PhotographerAvoid disappointments and regrets ! !


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Happy Wedding







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