Bali chapel wedding

Bali chapel wedding


Bali's glitzy wedding chapels with their interesting architectures and stunning views have attracted a lot of couples in recent years. Competition among chapels to attract new clients has increased dramatically. So for how much can a chapel wedding in Bali be had?

15 Wedding chapels in Bali

Bali as of 2015 has over 15 purpose-built wedding chapels and more are being built.

None of those chapels are places of worship like a real church. All are commercial properties, solely built for the purpose of weddings. Most are part of a hotel / resort. Some are individual properties.

Most venues offer Bali chapel wedding packages that already include decoration and ceremonial services such as a priest.

Some Bali chapel wedding packages include a photographer, makeup & hair, catering, etc…and if the chapel is part of a hotel it may also include hotel room-nights. 

Careful with all-inclusive packages

However, we do not suggest that you take their all-inclusive Bali chapel wedding packages because the included services are often not of satisfactory quality. That holds true even if that chapel is part of a 5 star hotel. 

In most cases you are better off by engaging the services of an independent wedding planner who will help you find cheaper and better and services  for photography, makeup & hair, catering / reception and more.

Back to the cost of a Bali chapel wedding: On the cheaper side of the spectrum there is only one option where you can have a Bali chapel wedding with basic decoration for as little as 1000 USD.  

The middle price segment is also rather thin with 2-3 chapels that can be had inclusive of decoration, priest for around 1500 USD – 2200 USD.

The majority of Bali wedding chapels will cost you between 3000 USD – 4500 USD inclusive of decoration, priest and legal services.

Most Bali chapel wedding packages will include music during the ceremony – with music from speakers for the cheaper ones or a live string quartet for the upper segment chapels. Minor cost items such as bride’s flower bouquet and welcome drinks or couple’s name board are usually included in their packages.


Bali wedding chapel

inside a Bali wedding chapel



Stay away from chapels that charge you entrance fees if you bring your own vendors

We urge you to stay away from chapels that charge entrance fees if you want to bring in your own vendors such as photography, video, makeup & hair and other services.

This is unethical and a practice frown upon in most other parts of the world. 

For some chapels you can get a cheaper deal if you book them through a Bali wedding planner. This is because the chapels themselves sell you only all-inclusive packages which include their florist of choice, their photographer of choice, their makeup artist of choice, etc….

Whereas independent Bali wedding planners can book the chapel for you and allow you to choose your own vendors for makeup & hair, photography, video, florist, etc.. 

And especially for weddings over 15-20 people it can become cheaper to go through a wedding planner because they can find you significantly less costly alternatives for your reception.

Chapels that force you to use only their vendors are unethical and do not deserve your business. Proceed at your own risk.

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I hope this article has provided you a better understanding about the cost of a Bali chapel wedding.

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