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A Bali villa wedding


Bali Villa weddings are definitely the most spectacular ones. They are among the best weddings in world! And nowhere else can you get so much bang for your buck. In the following, I will explain to you what will be the cost for a Bali Villa wedding

Article reviewed and updated for 2017/18

Bali Villa weddings can be a great deal

The good news for you is that Villa weddings in Bali can be a great deal!

Though a Bali villa wedding is not necessarily cheap. That is because Bali Villas range from small 1-2 bedroom villas with a tiny swimming pool and hardly no garden up to villa estates with up to 6,7 or 8 bedrooms. Those big ones often cover hectares of land with several buildings, pools, tennis courts and more…

So, the question of what is the cost of a villa wedding in Bali is somewhat similar to the question of what is the cost of a vehicle.  One may get a used small motorbike and one may also buy a super luxury sports car. Both are vehicles and will bring you from A to B. But the difference in price is huge.  But I will still try to give you some guidelines on what budget you will need to allocate.


villa wedding Bali

A villa wedding in Bali on a cliff-top

Small villa weddings in Bali

On the lower side of the price spectrum, there are some 150 USD – 250 USD per night 1 -2 bedroom villas will allow you to put up a flower arch and a table and have a priest officiate your wedding without charging you any additional fees.

Such weddings usually cannot accommodate any guests or very few at best.

However, you will need to find such a villa by yourself because almost no wedding company sells those. Why ? Because there is hardly any money to be made for them.

So, you will need to arrange for you the priest, the décor and other things by yourself. Some of the wedding villas may be able to arrange a dinner for you in the villa or in the villa’s restaurant. Some of those villas may arrange all of the above for you but they most likely outsource the wedding-related services to a wedding organizer of their choosing. They will likely make some sort of markup on those services.

For eloping weddings or very small weddings with 2-5 guests such a small villa wedding may be ideal as it offers you privacy and is highly affordable.  To summarize the cost for a Bali Villa wedding in the small category:

  • Venue: only what you pay per night
  • Other costs:  Décor, priest, legal services, photography, makeup & hair - please see the other articles of the series cost of a Bali Wedding series

In the following please find some stunning photographs from some smaller villa weddings:


small Bali villa wedding

A small Bali villa wedding

Large villa weddings

Now let's have a look at those BIG villa weddings for which Bali is famous for.

Firs I need to advise you there is almost no middle segment with smaller villas that allow for weddings of say 10 – 20 people. I am not saying that this segment does not exist at all but there are very few such properties in Bali.

Therefore I will straight jump into the BIG ones. Let’s define big first. Usually, those big wedding villas have 4 – 8 large bedrooms, often in several buildings on the same compound. Those villas have large gardens that can easily accommodate between 40 and 100 guests (or more) for ceremony and dinner reception. Some of those villas have several pools and different areas where you can hold your ceremony and the reception.

The cost for a Bali villa wedding for such venues will be somewhere between 1200 USD – 3000 USD per night – for the whole villa and all its facilities.

Most large villas have minimum night stay requirements

The difference in price among different wedding villas will be influenced by location, whereby villas directly at the beach or on a cliff will cost you significantly more than villas of the same size and similar facilities inland. Obviously, the size of the villa and its compound and the number of rooms are the other major factors determining the cost per night. Some popular wedding villas in Bali that are well known will also charge a premium for their ‘fame’.  The vast majority of those wedding villas will apply the following conditions for weddings:

  • Minimum number of nights – usually between 3-5 nights (often depending on the season)
  • A function fee which will be around 1 – 1.5 times the price of one night. In other words, if the villa costs for example 2000 USD per night you will have to pay another 2000 USD – 3000 USD as a function fee.
  • Usually, there is also a 'village fee'. This is sort of a tax that needs to be paid to the local village. These are fees imposed by the village where the villa is in. They often are referred to as Banjar fee, security fee, parking fee and many other names… Those fees can vary, but are usually somewhere between 400 USD – 600 USD. Tendency rising…

So with all the above in mind what will be the cost for a Bali Villa wedding ? Expect to pay for your Bali wedding villa venue somewhere between  7000 USD – 8000 USD  for inland villas with a low minimum night obligation.

The average large villa wedding including 4 or 5 nights will cost you for venue only between 12000 USD – 15000 USD. For the top well-known villas with ocean view and / or direct beach access, you will pay between 17000 USD to 20000 USD. Again this already includes 4 or 5 nights at such a wedding villa which can easily sleep 10 -15 persons.

I would like to emphasize that all of the above is just for the venue and does not include additional services such as flowers and décor, photography & video, catering, entertainment, etc…

So once you factor in all the additional services that you will require for a villa wedding expect to pay somewhere between 20.000 USD – 30.000 USD. Obviously, the number of guests will greatly influence the total cost because of catering and drinks. With over 50,60 guests catering will become your 2nd biggest or biggest expenditure.


villa wedding Bali cost

A villa wedding in Bali

In the following please find some stunning villa weddings for your inspiration:

Hire a wedding planner if you want a Bali Villa wedding

Let me give you the following advice: I strongly recommend that if you opt for such a villa wedding that you engage the services of a good Bali wedding planner as they will be able to give you options for such villas and are usually in a better position to find you the best deal. And on top of that they will help you to coordinate all the related services and vendors. Those include but may not be limited to: ceremony, legal services, photography, video, makeup & hair, entertainment, catering, transport for guests, etc…  I have seen my fair share of brides who underestimated the effort of all the coordination efforts that go into pulling this all together and they were completed stressed out on the days before the wedding and worse on the wedding day itself.

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 Help me to find a good WEDDING PLANNERLet us recommend a trustworthy planner for your Bali Wedding


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