In this day and age of YouTube and HD television Bali wedding videos are becoming increasingly popular. And there are quite a few wedding video companies for you to choose from. But you need to be aware that the quality of wedding videos in Bali can vary a lot.

Some of the established video companies still use non- HD video cameras and shoot their videos in ‘old-style’ with one or two tripod mounted cameras. Those videos tend to be rather ‘boring’. 

The wedding video industry underwent a very significant change in the last few years.  It has become possible and affordable to shoot videos that are of the same quality like a modern documentary you would see on television.  Those videos are often called cinematographic videos because if done properly the resulting video can be highly engaging – just like a movie.

For a great video make sure your video company uses DSLR cameras and modern equipment

However, this comes at a cost because to create such a video a crew of several videographers and cameras are necessary. It is not uncommon for such a video company to come with 4 – 6 personnel. They will use motion cameras, crane-mounted cameras and a lot of other equipment necessary. 

And last but not least they will need a lot of footage which then can be edited into an entertaining and visually engaging video.  Considerable effort will go into such a video. And that will also influence the cost of a Bali wedding video.  

Consequently, the cost of a Bali wedding video can be quite significant. You may find video packages for 2-3 hours of shooting with one camera for as little as 300 – 500 USD. But this will most certainly be old-style video, with one camera. If all you want is just video so that you also have a recording of what was spoken during the ceremony this may be enough for you.

In the mid-segment you can obtain a video packages for 600 – 1200 USD with 2 HD cameras for 3-5 hours of shooting.

If you want a truly spectacular video you will need to hire your videographers for at least 5 hours – to allow them to capture enough footage, which includes the preparations, detailed shots of the venue and the surroundings and more material for your photo session and possibly your dinner reception.  

Such a cinematographic documentation of a Bali wedding will cost you over 2000 USD and may go up as high as 4000 USD and beyond.


Our recommendations for your Bali wedding video are:


VR VIDEO - for top notch, cinematographic videos - highly popular

DEWATA VIDEO - for the cost concious 


In closing let me recommend that if you want a Bali wedding video that you will proudly show to friends and family ensure that you have at least 2 videographers. Have them on site for no less than 4 or 5 hours and make sure they use full HD video cameras and also edit your video not only to DVD standards but in true HD.


To save on the cost of a Bali wedding video, you may consider engaging companies that offer you video and photography in one package or give you a discount for using their video & photography services.

This also makes sense because once you have 2-3 video people and 1 or 2 photographers it can get crowded and unless they come from the same company or work under one supervision they may get in each other’s way and/or poorly coordinate among each other. You may also want to read the other parts of this series:

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