Bali pre wedding with horses

Bali pre wedding with horses

Bali with its countless beautiful locations has become the No.1 destination in the world for pre wedding photography. Here are some ideas for your pre wedding session.


There are countless Bali pre wedding photographers. And because so many couples from all around Asia have chosen Bali as their destination for pre-wedding photographs there is a good chance that some of your friends or family also had their pre-wedding photos taken in Bali.

So how can you get different Bali pre-wedding photographs?  Or what if you want pre wedding photographs that will still make your friends say: ‘wow’?

Unfortunately, most of the Bali pre-wedding photographers are not very creative. They just copy each other: same locations, same motives, same-same... Quite boring if you ask me.

That is why in this article I want to give you some ideas for Bali pre-wedding photography.  Many of those Bali pre-wedding photography ideas are not expensive to realize.  I will also show you some Bali pre-wedding photographers who can help you to realize those ideas and book the necessary additional services for you.

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Bali pre-wedding photos with horses

Bali pre wedding photos with horses


The first of the ideas for Bali pre-wedding photography is: Horses. It is one of the easiest and most beautiful ways to make your photo shoot in Bali special. You don’t need to know how to ride a horse – they will show you. And it’s easy and fun too.

You only need to rent the horses for one hour. Expect the cost for two horses to be around 100 USD – 150 USD. Check out the following 2 Bali pre-wedding photographers who both can arrange photo shoots with horses for you.

DOMINIK PHOTOGRAPHY: Bali pre wedding photography with horses

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY BALI: Pre-Wedding with horses and also Bali Pre-wedding photographs with horses .


Underwater pre-wedding photography


Bali pre wedding photos under water

Bali pre wedding photos under water


This is among my personal favorite ideas for Bali pre-wedding photography. Of course, this is not for everyone. You need to be able to swim.  Also, Bali pre-wedding photography underwater can be quite exhausting and make you tired quickly.

It is not that easy to dive with a dress and repeat the dive many, many times until your photographer has enough photos.

So don’t book more than one hour because you will be very tired after one hour already.

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Bali pre wedding under water

Bali pre wedding under water

You can see some more spectacular under-water pictures at: UNDERWATER PRE-WEDDING & FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY IN BALI

Pre Wedding Photos wiht a Scooter:

Another of the popular ideas for Bali pre-wedding photography and one of the cheapest and most fun ways. But you should only do this if you have experience riding a motorcycle. You and your fiancé should feel comfortable riding on a scooter / motorbike.

For the really BIG BOYS who drive motorcycles regularly you may also rent a big motorbike like a Harley Davidson.

scooter for Bali pre wedding photos

scooter for Bali pre wedding photos

Bali pre wedding with scooter

Bali pre wedding with scooter


Balinese Flower girls:

To ad a very Balinese flavor you can have 2,4 or more young Balinese girls during your Bali pre wedding photo shoot. They will be dressed in traditional Balinese costumes.

I suggest that you have those Balinese flower girls for only one hour because you don’t want to have all your photographs taken with the Balinese flower girls. In my opinion those Balinese flower girls fit best for photographs on the beach and/or close to some Balinese architecture.

ideas for Bali pre wedding

Ideas for Bali pre wedding

Bali pre wedding photo ideas

Bali pre wedding photo ideas

Trash the dress:

Another from my ideas for Bali pre-wedding photography is Trash the dress.

This has been hugely popular for wedding couples who after they got married got into the water with their wedding dress.

Be prepared that your photographer will ask you to bring your own dress because they may be afraid that the dresses may get spoiled and soiled. This can be an easy way of having some spectacular Bali pre-wedding photography.

Bali pre wedding trash the dress

Bali pre wedding trash the dress

Bali pre wedding photo trash the dress

Bali pre wedding photo trash the dress


You may want to consider using the services of one of the Bali pre-wedding photographers suggested in this article. I hope this article has given you some ideas for your pre-wedding photo shoot in Bali. As always, if you have any questions or you need some recommendations please let me know.

The Bali Pre-Wedding Photo FACEBOOK GROUP!

Did you know there is also a FACEBOOK Group especially for pre-wedding / honeymoon photography in Bali? 

There you can ask any questions you may have about a pre-wedding shoot in Bali. Or find a great photographer for you.

I recommend you join that group while you do your research about pre-wedding photography in Bali: 


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Thank you - Jameela Tey℠™

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