Brides, you have told me over and over that the budget question is the most important one for you. So what does it cost to have a wedding in Bali ? What are the real cost components ? So how to budget for a Bali wedding ?

Let's look at the various cost that will let you make a budget for your Bali wedding. Excluded from this article are the cost of travelling to Bali and cost for accommodation. So we will only look at the budget for the wedding day itself and costs that are relevant to the wedding day.


Budget for a Bali wedding

Budget for a Bali wedding


All-inclusive wedding packages


If you buy an all-inclusive wedding package then many services such as venue fee, décor, priest will already be included in your package. Those packages are usually rather inflexible and you will have little or no control over your budget for a Bali wedding.

Be careful when comparing packages because sometimes one package includes more services than the package of another venue / vendor.

For example one package may have makeup & hair styling already included, another one not. Or services such as photography can be very different from one package to another. One may have just a photographer during the period of your ceremony and all the unedited photographs on disc.

Another package may include a photographer for several hours and also an album with edited photographs.

Some packages will have a glass of champagne for the couple for the wedding toast included. Other packages may just give you a fruit juice. And there are many other details can vary from package to package.

Many hotels / chapels have become ‘creative’ with their packages and offer you a cheap looking package that only includes the very basic services and once you have purchased the package they will try to sell you many add-ons which you may or may not need.

So, my advice to those buying a wedding package is to ask questions until you a very clear of what you are buying and if everything you require is included.


Bali wedding budget


With  over 50, 60 guests at your wedding in Bali and a reception dinner your cost for food & beverage will probably be the biggest portion of your budget for a Bali wedding.

If you plan to have your wedding in a chapel that is part of one of Bali’s 5 star hotels then you should consider to have your reception/dinner outside. That can potentially save you a lot of money.

I recommend that you do not book your wedding directly from a chapel or a hotel/resort. Better book from an independent wedding company. Doing so can help you reduce your budget for a Bali wedding.

So ladies, if you have 'budget problems', then cutting the guest list or looking for cheaper dinner / reception is the first thing to do.

If you do not choose such an all-inclusive package then read on and learn about the various cost components for your wedding in Bali.


Cost of the Venue


The first thing to consider when planning a budget for a Bali wedding is your venue. Choices abound with over 300-400 possible venues and places for you to get married in Bali.

Firstly you will need to decide on the kind of wedding venue you want to hold your ceremony at. In the following please find links to articles that explain you the cost for the various types of Bali wedding venues:


Cost of a Bali chapel wedding - in this article you will learn about the cost of a Bali chapel wedding.


Bali chapel wedding

Budget for a Bali chapel wedding


Cost of a wedding in Bali – Hotel and Resort weddings - This article explains the cost of having your wedding in a resort / hotel in Bali.


Bali Hotel Resort wedding

Budget for a Bali Hotel Resort wedding


Cost of a wedding in Bali – Villa Weddings  - This article explains the cost of having a villa wedding in Bali.


Bali villa wedding budget

Bali villa wedding budget


Cost for ceremony & Priest & Legal services


Once you have chosen the venue for your wedding in Bali then you will need to decide if you want to have a full legal wedding that is recognized in your home country. Or only a blessing ceremony.  Those services are rather inexpensive and you can determine your budget for a Bali wedding by reading:

Cost of a Bali Wedding – Part One learn about the cost for the essential services – ceremony & civil registry

If you plan on getting legally married in Bali and you want your Bali wedding to be recognized in your home country then you should read the following article:

How to get legally married in Bali ? – the necessary paperwork


Cost for additional services


Most likely you will want to have an altar setup with some décor. To learn about the cost for this please see the following article:

Cost of a wedding in Bali – Florits and decor - this article explains the cost for a florist and for décor

To document your wedding in Bali you should hire a photographer and possibly also a videographers. To learn more about the required budget to document your Bali wedding you should read the following two articles:

Cost of a wedding in Bali – Photographer - how much should you pay for a Bali wedding photographer

Cost of a Bali wedding video - how much you should expect to pay for a wedding video in Bali


Cost for Catering


When making your budget for a Bali wedding catering can be a huge factor. Because alcohol is heavily taxed in Bali this may also greatly influence your budget. To learn about your catering budget for a Bali wedding read the following article:

Cost of a wedding in Bali – Catering - this article explains you what budget you need for catering

If you have any questions on this article or if you need help with planning your wedding in Bali just drop us an email.


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