Bali Muslim Wedding

A BALI Muslim Wedding

Bali with its countless wedding venues and all other facilities and professional vendors is also perfectly suited for Muslim couples who would like to have an Islamic destination wedding here.

I recently discovered that there is a common misperception among many international couples that Bali is not suited for Muslim weddings. Nothing could be further from the truth. Remember Bali is part of Indonesia, which is the world’s largest Muslim country. Although the predominant religion in Bali is Hindu, most destination weddings taking place here of non-Hindu faith.  Islamic weddings have not been very popular in the past but there is an increasing trend among young urban Muslims from neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and others to have a Muslim destination wedding in Bali. And of course many, many Indonesian Muslims from other parts of Indonesia choose to have their wedding in Bali. All this is hardly surprising given the plentiful choices of venues suited for Muslim weddings. Most couples in their home countries would have their wedding officiated in a mosque. In Bali you have much more choices because your Muslim wedding can not only be carried out in a mosque but also in a villa, on a beach or in a hotel. HALAL catering options are also plentiful, thus making Bali perfectly suited for Islamic weddings. Best of all, any Muslim wedding carried out in Bali is automatically a full legal wedding that is also recognized in your home country. A Muslim wedding in Bali is usually officiated by an officer from the Indonesian Ministry of Religious affairs.  Unlike weddings of other faiths Muslim weddings in Bali do not require the involvement of the Civil Registry. That makes Muslim weddings relatively easy to arrange. A Muslim wedding in Bali for non-Indonesian citizens will be recognized by your home country.

Muslim weddings Bali

Muslim Weddings in Bali

So, as you can see Bali is also a perfect place for a Muslim wedding. I am sure that in the future Bali will see an increasing amount of international destination weddings for Muslim couples and their families. Bali has everything for Islamic weddings and much more… Should you require more information about Muslim weddings in Bali please feel free to send me an email. You can also directly book a Muslim wedding ceremony package from Bali’s leading wedding company:  BALI WEDDING PACKAGES, who specialize in BALI MUSLIM WEDDING. To see one the most beautiful and spectacular Muslim weddings in Bali please click here. Happy Wedding  - Jameela Tey ℠™

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