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Nothing beats the experience of reliving your wedding day and sharing it with friends and family on a big T.V. in stunning high-definition. This guaranteed to give you quite lot of WOWs


Therefore, increasingly couples want their Bali wedding to be documented by a video.

A Bali wedding video can best capture the emotions and the atmosphere of your big day in Bali. And there are many companies here offering a Bali wedding video.

However, there are a few things you need to know when choosing your vendor for a Bali wedding video. But let’s watch one Bali wedding video first:


If you want a Bali wedding video that will not be boring and which you will proudly show to friends and family then there are a few things you should consider.


There are companies that will offer you a Bali wedding video with only one camera and coverage for 2-3 hours. 

However such a video will not be visually engaging and rather boring to watch.

The reason being that for a Bali wedding video to be interesting to watch multiple cameras are required  and the videographers not only need to capture the action on the day but also many other visual aspects. 

Try the following: Watch any movie or TV documentary and you will notice that angles and perspectives change every few seconds in spite of showing the same scene. 

If you see the bride and the groom for more than 5-10 seconds from the same angle and perspective the video will be perceived as boring and amateurish. 

Therefore at the very least 2 cameras should be always filming and most reputable videographers will have 3 or even more cameras running at the same time.  

Also please keep in mind that videographers need to capture many details and footage other than just what the bride and groom are doing. They need to film the venue, capture the atmosphere of your wedding day and other details which they can use during your final video to tell the ‘whole story’.  For this your videographers should start at least one hour, better 2 hours before your ceremony.


Before I further delve into this please try the following. Watch the Bali wedding video below once with sound on and then switch the sound off and watch it again.


You will also have noticed how the video editor cleverly used parts of what the bride and the groom have said during the ceremony and other parts of the wedding to glue the footage together and to create emotion.

Therefore, it is mandatory to capture what was spoken during your wedding. And even more importantly it is important that whoever edits your video speaks and understands English (or whatever language used during your nuptials) very well.  

The video editor needs to be able to identify the poignant sentences and cleverly edit the spoken words, which includes editing out the less important part. With that in mind you may want to shy away from video companies in Bali that are hardly able to communicate with you during the emails exchanged with you.

And you may not want to let your wedding planner / hotel / villa or any other third party to choose a video company for you. 

A good video company will have suggestions and inputs for you in order to make your video a spectacular one. I leave you now with one more video and also a recommendation.

If you want to have good value for money you may want to check out the video services of




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