Bali Wedding areas BUKIT

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  The Bukit peninsula has the island’s highest concentration of luxury villas, breathtaking views with plenty of choices for wedding venues from chapels and all-inclusive hotels and resorts to poolside restaurants. For centuries a royal hunting reserve and place of banishment for criminals and political enemies, this teardrop shaped southern tip of Bali has now become a mecca for wealthy homeowners and real estate developers. No longer the home of lone fishermen and intrepid surfers, the craggy Bukit Peninsula is celebrated for its surf breaks – Padang-Padang, Suluban, Blue Point, Balangan – known all over the world as the site of international surfing competitions. Although access to the beach from the high cliffs is often difficult, those daring enough are awarded with quiet and dreamy stretches of sand - the perfect environment to share with the one you love.  

Bali Wedding areas BUKIT

Secret beach wedding venue

  The spectacular and mystical Uluwatu sea temple, perched on a 200-meter-high promontory overlooking the Indian Ocean, is a place of pilgrimage for the Balinese and hordes of tourists as well. The nearby and easily accessible Nusa Dua area, with more than a dozen five-star resorts, is ideal for guests wanting to share in the joy of your wedding while basking in all the comforts of an international First World hotel property. Because of its geography, connected to Bali by a narrow isthmus of sand and mangrove swamps, the Bukit doesn’t offer much in the way of shopping or nightlife. The nearest community to shop or dine out is the Jimbaran coastal strip or Nusa Dua. While most of Bali is volcanic and fertile, the weather and the land of the Bukit – essentially a glistening limestone plateau rising up to 200 meters above the sea - are dry and arid with sparse vegetation. The Bukit area has the most wedding chapels in Bali. However, the Bukit peninsula’s specialty are cliff-top weddings. Here couples will find spectacular villas with large gardens and unspoiled views high above the Indian Ocean with massive breakers crashing beneath. A number of villas are able to arrange extraordinary wedding events on the cliff’s edge.   Bali Wedding areas BUKIT   The area’s dramatic cliffs, pristine beaches, hot sunny weather and the legendary surf breaks are a big draw for younger wedding guests. Here the sand is white, clean and glowing, the water clear blue with big turquoise waves. And the sunsets can be spectacular, as if created just for lovers. For beach weddings, Secret Beach is the most popular destination. It’s advisable that your wedding planner prepares an alternative sheltered location close by in case of rain or high winds. Or you may choose to just take your wedding photos in a secluded sandy cove before a wedding or reception elsewhere. The Bukit area has probably the highest density of wedding venues. Most of Bali super spectacular wedding villas are located here. However the area is rather dry and arid. And you will most certainly require some form of transport because almost any place outside your villa or hotel will require you to drive for a bit. Let us know if you would us to help you finding the perfect wedding venue for you in the Bukit area. In the following please find links to articles about other areas for your wedding in BALI:

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