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Lembongan island

  Lembongan is a tiny island of Bali, about 30 – 50 minutes by boat. It is much less developed than Bali. There are only a few cars on the island , barely any facilities. And therein lies the problem as a location for your wedding. Most all vendors such as photographer, video, makeup artist / stylist , priest, Civil registry all have to come from Bali. Most of them will need to stay overnight because the last boats back to Bali leave in the mid- late – afternoon. You will need to provide accommodation and food and beverage for them. Adding to your already strained budget. Power supply on the island is spotty at best and I have seen weddings where lights went off in the mid of the first dance… Reaching Lembongan can be uncomfortable as the waves can get relatively big providing for a bumpy ride. There is no proper landing on Lembongan and you will have to disembark from your boat through the water – no pier or jetty. These factors make Lembongan rather unpractical; especially for older folks who may attend your wedding. So, in general I do not recommend for you to get married at Lembongan. You may be better off using Lembongan as you honeymoon destination.  

Other wedding areas Bali

a wedding venue in North Bali

North Bali- Pemutaran

The northern shores of Bali are very different from the South. So is the landscape – its rather arid and dry. On the positive side that area of Bali is yet relatively untouched by mass tourism. It feels a bit like Bali used to be 30 – 40 years ago. In North Bali you will not find sandy beaches - stones and rocks only. If you have guests and family at your wedding in Bali please bear in mind that its not everyone’s cup of coffee to stay in an area where there is no shopping and no entertainment. Or where finding a decent meal outside your hotel / resort can be impossible. Also, imagine some of the older folks at your wedding getting sick or another medical emergency and you are 2-4 hours away from help. If you are eloping and it is isolation you are seeking then North Bali may be a good option. Otherwise I rather recommend not to have your wedding in this remote part of Bali.  

East & West Bali

I see few points why to recommend this area as a destination for your wedding in Bali. There very, very few hotels, villas and resorts exist to offer weddings. East Bali and most notably the Candi Dasa area have quite a few options for weddings in Bali. Those options range from small homestay resorts to splurge luxury hotels. And also some villas, suited for weddings. However, apart from being remote I see few points why to recommend this area as a destination for your wedding.


Generally it is not advisable to have your wedding in the more remote parts of Bali. Usually the downsides outweigh the benefits that come with getting married off the beaten track. But that’s not to say that there may be some ‘hidden gems’ to be found. For the more adventurous Bali’s remote regions may be just what you have been looking for. If you want us to help you planning and organizing a wedding in the more remote regions of Bali please send us an email. Please see the following links if you wish to learn about other areas for your wedding in Bali:

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