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Here at the BALI WEDDING BLOG we often get asked what would be the best area in Bali to get married. Should it be Nusa Dua or Ubud, or how about Seminyak and Canggu?  Sanur, Bukit & Jimbaran ? What is best – where is best? Is there an ideal area for weddings in Bali? Which area has the most, or the best venues? Are there any areas that are in general cheaper than others?


Before we are going to answer those questions let me tell you the following: It actually does not matter as much as you may think where in Bali you are going to get married. Because in Bali everybody is on some sort of transport. Bali is not a place where you walk around much. It’s hot, there are few pedestrian ways and very few places you or your guests may want to go to are in ‘walking distance’. Almost all tourist attractions, sports facilities, entertainment options, as well as restaurants and nightlife will require you to use some form of transport.

Therefore many comfortable and very inexpensive transport options exist. In Bali you can rent a nice car plus driver plus petrol for as little as 40 $ – 50 $ a day. Or for 100$ – 130$ you can have a car and a driver for an entire week. Most couples will therefore rent a car & driver for a few days to go around. Also, it is very cheap and efficient to arrange a car or a small bus to pick up and bring back your guests and family from their hotel or villa.  In short: transport is cheap and readily available anywhere in Bali.

With that in mind it may be a good idea to rent a car & driver either on a daily or weekly basis. Once you have your transport the question of which area is best for choosing your wedding venue becomes less important. And wherever you end up booking your wedding venue you will almost certainly want to also go to other areas during your stay in Bali. The same will apply for your family and guests also.

Additionally, if you restrict yourself to a particular area of Bali you will considerably reduce your choices of wedding venues in Bali. If, for example you want to have a villa wedding and it needs to be in a particular area, you will have less than a handful of venues to choose from.


Bali wedding locations


With all of the above in mind, the area where your wedding in Bali will take place is of lesser importance. That is, as long as you stay in the Southern parts of Bali. If you plan to have your wedding in one of the more remote areas then make sure to read this article (link to other areas article).

My advice is: Better select a venue for your wedding first! Then plan and arrange the rest of your and your guest’s stay accordingly.

From a money perspective it does also not matter in which part of Bali your wedding will take place. There is no area in Bali that is more affordable than another one.

Please keep in mind that different people have different tastes, preferences and budgets. That is why your family and friends may also want to stay in different areas of Bali. Reaching your wedding venue will not be a problem – transport options abound. Your wedding planner can assist you to make transport arrangements for them.


Bali best area for wedding


However, differences exist between the various areas of Bali. Different parts of Bali can have a different character and feeling. Therefore we have prepared a few articles that will get you better acquainted with Bali’s different areas and districts. And we also attempt to see how well any of those areas are suitable for your wedding in Bali. In the following please find the links to those articles:

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Area for your wedding in Bali: SANUR

Area for your wedding in Bali: BUKIT & JIMBARAN

Area for your wedding in Bali: UBUD

Area for your wedding in Bali: SEMINYAK & CANGGU

Area for your wedding in Bali: NUSA DUA & TANJUNG BENOA

Area for your wedding in Bali: OTHER AREAS


As always please feel free to drop us an email with any questions you may have or if want us to help you realizing your dream wedding in Bali.


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