Bali wedding TV launched

It comes with great pleasure and pride that I wish to announce that we have just launched our own, brand-new Bali Wedding TV channel on YouTube. A place where you can lean back and watch beautiful and real dream weddings in Bali. From stunning big villa weddings to small eloping weddings or romantic chapel weddings – all here for your viewing pleasure.

In our Bali wedding TV channel we feature some Bali’s most exciting, beautiful and hopefully inspiring wedding videos from Bali.

Those are all REAL BALI WEDDINGS!! Filmed by some of Bali’s most talented videographers and video companies.

I am glad that those renown Bali videographers were so generous to share their beautiful work to be broadcasted right here on the BALI WEDDING TV YouTube channel.

All those Bali wedding videos shown here are in full high definition for your viewing pleasure. You may well want to turn up the volume and watch this cinematic wedding videos on your big screen and with a good sound system.

I am very selective with videos shown here because I only want to feature videos that are filmed in wedding journalism style and not those posed cheesy ‘look-here-and-smile’ videos.

Some of the videos featured here on the BALI WEDDING TV channel are created from still photographs.

That is because no real video team was available. Either the wedding itself was so amazing that I wanted to show it to you. Or  the photography is so brilliant that it is worth sharing through an animation video.

All the wedding videos shown here on the BALI WEDDING TV CHANNEL are courtesy of the following videographers / video companies in Bali:






So without any further ado please lean back, grab a drink and enjoy the show:


Raj & Rachel:


Fredi & Michaela:


Ben & Lucia:


Nicola & Gary:


Zoe & Josh:


Cat & Kevin:



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