Singapore Malaysia couples married in Bali


Weddings in Bali are quite popular among Malaysian and Singaporean nationals. No wonder, with an average wedding in Singapore costing a multitude of what a wedding costs in Bali.


It is very complicated to get legally married for citizens of Malaysians & Singaporeans (and Philipinos)


However there is one caveat for Malaysians and Singaporeans. It is very complicated and time consuming to obtain the necessary documents for citizens of Singapore or Malaysia to get legally married in Bali - Indonesia.

That is not Indonesia’s or Bali’s fault – It is entirely due to the regulations stipulated by the laws of Singapore and Malaysia.

What it amounts to is that the couple needs to travel to Jakarta and must personally visit their embassies to apply for the necessary documents.

Since it can take a few days for the embassies to issue those documents it is required for the couple to stay in Jakarta for a few days. A very tedious, time and money consuming process.

And for most people Jakarta is not a fun place to be...

Therefore very few couples from Malaysia and from Singapore choose to have a legal wedding in Bali. What they do instead is to do the legal aspect of their wedding back in their home countries. Which, as far as I know, is a pretty straightforward process. And then have a blessing ceremony in Bali. It looks the same, feels the same. It’s just different that you are not getting married under Indonesian law.

This kind of regulations may also apply for citizens of other countries. But, for citizens from most other countries which require certain papers to be issues by their embassy in Jakarta, it is not necessary for the couple to personally go to Jakarta.

Your wedding planner can take care of that. For more detailed info on that please consult with the party who will be arranging your wedding in Bali.

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Happy Wedding


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