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Ladies, in this article I am going to tell you the safest way to ruin your wedding in Bali and how to have regrets for the rest of your life. 

We all agree that every bride wants to look great on her wedding day.

And also the wedding should look great.

So that after she returns home from Bali she has some beautiful memories to share with family and friends.

So what are the most important things to have beautiful memories which you will proudly share with others for many years come ?

Good makeup & hair and Good photographs

If the food on your wedding reception was not that great it’s a boomer. If the flowers and decor were not what you expected - also a boomer. But all that will be forgotten in a few days.

However, if your makeup and hair on the day were not ok and the wedding photographs were amateurish you will regret that for the rest of your life.

At your destination wedding, many of your friends and family will not be present.

Therefore, it is so important that you get the photos right. Because you will want to proudly share your photographs with those who could not make it to your wedding.

By now I have seen and heard so many brides that either had the wrong makeup artist and hair stylist and a photographer that did not live up to their expectations. And it can happen to you as well.

Nowadays many couples like the convenience of all-inclusive wedding package as offered by so many hotels and resorts in Bali. And often those packages include:

  • Professional makeup artist & hair stylist
  • Professional photographer

Because the package is offered by a reputable hotel, brides assume that they can trust those 'professionals'.

Unfortunately, that is often not the case.

Many brides before you have learned that the hard way that those ‘professionals’ were not as professional as they expected.

In Bali there is no trade association or certification that would qualify a service provider as professional and competent.

Every ‘Jo and Jane’ can claim to be a professional whatever… and they prey on your good-meant trust.

Due to fierce competition in the Bali wedding market hotels & resorts need to make their packages as competitive (say as cheap) as they can. And I am constantly amazed by how low they can go for services they buy from the outside.

Let me share a little story with you:

I recently was on a wedding with such a 'professional' photographer in one of Nusa Dua’s glitzy 5 star hotels.

Already it appeared strange to me that the photographer was always using his flash in bright daylight. The camera he used was not a professional DSLR, but more a pocket camera type.

During the 2 hours the photographer never spoke a single word with the couple.

Towards the end of the wedding when the couple had a relaxed moment I saw that photographer talking to one of the security guys of the hotel. The resemblance between those 2 guys was remarkable.

And it turned out that the photographer was the twin brother of the security guy at that hotel.

What are the odds that this photographer was chosen by merit rather than by family relationship....?

The bride told me that the photos were so bad that she immediately threw the disc with photos in the garbage…

Fortunately, this particular story had a happy ending because the bride was clever and had also hired her own photographer. A photographer she liked because she checked out his portfolio.


So what is a clever bride supposed to do about this?

The best solution is to find a makeup artist & hair stylist that has a good reputation and a portfolio to show for. All the good ones in Bali have their own website, where you can see plenty of examples of their portfolio.

If you choose the ‘professional makeup artist & hair stylist’ that comes as part of your package, then you should demand that the hotel / resort shows you at least 10-20 photographs of that makeup artist's portfolio and that the hotel indeed guarantees you that exactly the same person will do your makeup & hair. 

You should also ask what kind of cosmetics they will use. All too often those ‘cheapniks’ use inferior brands.

Get it in writing!

Same for the  'professional photographer’ that may be part of your package provided. If you want to take the ‘professional photographer’ that comes as part of your package, then you should demand from the hotel to see at least photos from 10 weddings the photographer has done at the hotel you are going to get married at.

And get it in writing from the hotel that the very same photographer will be the one taking pictures at your wedding.

I have to say that a few hotels in Bali play fair and use the services of reputable, real professionals.

The photographer and the hair stylist have their own websites where you can see what you are buying. But even here you should be a bit cautious. The article 'The Bali photo agency trap' will shed some light on why.

Ladies, do not assume that because you are buying a package from a renown 5 star hotel that the service of the 'professional photographer / videographer' and the 'professional makeup & hair stylist' will be also of 5 star quality. 

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst …. or so they say…

If however, cheap is your objective then there is a good chance you will end up with exactly that:

C h e a p !

Or be a clever bride and make your own choices. See, if what you are buying is really what you expect to get.

For some great photographers for all budgets have a look at:



or let us help you find the perfect photographer for you:

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And here a link to a makeup artist & hair stylist that will for sure not let you down:





If you have any questions on this or if you want me to help you finding a photographer and / or a makeup artist for your wedding feel free to contact me.



Happy Wedding 







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