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Although this blog is about Weddings in Bali, we have decided also to pay some attention to pre-wedding photography in Bali. This is because Bali island has become the number one destination for pre-wedding photos or honeymoon photography in the world. Yes, you read correctly:

Yes, you read correctly: Number One in world! Which should hardly be surprising given the beauty of this island and the many locations if offers for stunning pre-wedding or honeymoon photography.


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BALI is Number one in the world for pre wedding photos

There is an overwhelming amount of options for Pre Wedding Photography in Bali. Many photography companies in Bali do pre-wedding or pre-nuptial or engagement photography or honeymoon photos.

In this article, I would like to give you some advice on choosing the right services for your pre-wedding photos on Bali island.

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Don't do pre-wedding photos at famous tourist sites

It is not advisable to do Pre Wedding Photography in Bali at the most popular tourist spots such as Tanah Lot, Uluwatu or Jimbaran or other major tourist attractions.

This is because these spots tend to be very crowded and it is difficult for the photographer to find the right spot without having many other people in the photograph. Also, some of those locations do not allow professional pre-wedding photographs to be taken, yet another charge very high fees to allow professional photography.

But most importantly: In Bali there are many, many other places which are equally beautiful but not crowded with huge numbers of tourists.

Also, we do not recommend you choose services which include locations for which an entrance fee is to be paid.

Again: It is not necessary because there are many, many locations in Bali where no entrance fees need to be paid. 

When the pre-wedding photo business started in Bali there no locations charged any entrance fees. But, when many photographers all started to go to the same locations the local villages started to see a business opportunity and started to request money for the privilege to photograph.

Ask how much time will be spent on driving to locations

You should also make sure that your photographer or photo agency gives you a clear idea how much time will be spent for photography and how much time for travelling between locations.

Some pre-wedding photographers in Bali spend up to 70% of the time you have booked them for travelling and only very little time for the actual photography.

You may book a full-day tour and, in the end, spend only 1-2 hours for photography and 4,5 or even 6 hours just for driving to those locations. 

I do not recommend you book such services because it is not necessary to drive for hours to reach beautiful locations. There are many, many alternative locations all over Bali which will require very little travelling time and which are equally beautiful.  

And those lesser known locations are more suitable because they are usually not crowded and offer more privacy and better views.


Bali pre wedding photo

Bali pre wedding photography


Full-day or half-day ?

And that leads me to the next question many couples have about Pre Wedding Photography in Bali. Should I book a full day tour or even a 2-day tour ? Or is a half-day photo-tour enough ? 

Ideally, you book a full-day tour but if you are on a budget a half-day tour is enough.  Depending on what company and what package you choose, sometimes a full-day tour from one company will give you fewer photographs than a half-day shoot from another company. 

Because, like I mentioned above, some pre-wedding photographers spend more time for travelling than for photography.

Pre wedding in Bali is always outdoors

Most photographers and photo agencies in Bali are not like bridal studios in other Asian countries. Because in Bali 95% of all photography is done outdoors and therefore, most photographers and photo agencies do not have a studio – there is no need for a studio.

Consequently many also don’t have dresses, gowns and other accessories. And usually, they also do not have makeup artists and hair stylists in-house.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule and at the end of this article, I will point out a few options for those couples who want to book a total solution which already includes dresses, accessories and even makeup & hair styling.


Pre wedding photo Bali

Pre-wedding photos in Bali

Makeup & hair styling is important

You will agree that for most brides it is very important to have excellent makeup & hair styling for your pre-wedding photos. So be careful.

Because many of the cheaper pre-wedding photo companies in Bali use less experienced makeup artists and hair dressers to save costs.

We recommend you choose a company which can show you many examples of the work of the makeup artist and hair dresser who will be responsible for your looks during the photo shoot.  

Or book a good makeup & hair styling company in Bali, such as BALI MAKEUP & HAIR., who have been doing hundreds of pre-wedding shoots in the past and had the experience to cater for brides of all ethnicities.

So please keep all these aspects in mind when you choose your photographer for your pre-wedd photos in Bali.

Recommended Pre Wedding Photographers


pre wedding photographer Valentino Ruya


Valentino Ruya has quickly risen to fame as a pre-wedding and honeymoon photographer. Hardly surprising considering his fantastic work. He does his pre-wedding photography at some of Bali's most stunning locations. 

Valentino's packages include unlimited dress & gown rentals for man and woman.  Makeup & hair by Bali's best styling agency. And also all the entrance fees to the fantastic locations you can see in his pre wedding portfolio. 

 Here are two articles we have published about the work of Valentino:

A new rising star among Bali wedding photographers and also VALENTINO RUYA – exquisite Bali wedding photography

If you the absolute Best pre wedding photographer you may want to check out: 

Best Bali Pre Wedding Photographer Michelle Pastel

Michelle specialises in 'emotive photography' - which means that besides capturing the sheer beauty of Bali he emphasizes on human emotions. Please check out his fantastic portfolio.


local Bali Wedding Photographer


Martin Dewata is a newcomer with the potential to become another shining star among Bali pre wedding photographers. Martin has been working for several of Bali's wedding photography agencies. And by the end of 2014 he started his own business. 

Martin Dewata is a local Bali wedding photographer. In the past, his focus was more on weddings than pre-wedding. But I feel he is also an excellent choice for those seeking affordable and good pre-wedding photos.

Here is an article about: Martin Dewata - local Bali wedding photographer



Bali pre wedding photographers


One company which I can highly recommend WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY BALI because they:

- have been doing pre-wedding photography for over 8 years

- have a collection of fabulous wedding dresses, gowns and also casual dresses

- have very affordable packages

- have pre-wedding photo tours with minimal travelling between locations

In the following please find some examples of their work (click on the links below):

This is a nice example of a pre-nup photo tour in Bali which lasted half a day. 

Here is an example of a full day honeymoon photo tour in Bali.

Here is another example of a Chinese pre-wedding in Bali island.



International pre wedding photographer in Bali


Click here If you want the very best photographer for your pre-wedding photos in Bali: DOMINIK. He is an international award-winning photographer who will deliver you the very best pre-wedding photographs in Bali.

And here is one article you don't want to miss if you want the very BEST PRE-WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER IN BALI.

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And as always, if you have any questions about pre-wedding photography or honeymoon photography in Bali, please feel free to send me an email as I will be most happy to assist you.


I wish you a wonderful pre-wedding shoot in Bali


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