Bali wedding makeup artists


Bali wedding makeup artists are sometimes accused of not being up to date and in-line with international trends. And for many Bali wedding makeup artists this is true.

Therefore, you should choose your Bali wedding makeup artists wisely. 

Airbrush makeup is also available in Bali

I am sure many brides will be excited to hear that.

But, let me explain first why this matters. In recent years more and more top makeup artists around the world and particularly in the USA and in Europe, have embraced airbrushes as an essential tool for applying cosmetics.

The advantages are obvious – more uniformly, smoother makeup. That in turn yields a more delicate look.

That is because cosmetics such as foundation and blush can be applied with greater control and in very thin layers.


As to my knowledge the Bali wedding makeup artists from BALI MAKEUP & HAIR are one of very few in Bali to use airbrush.  Their Bali wedding makeup artists have undergone extensive training to master airbrush makeup.

I recently had the opportunity to sit in for a trial session. I was impressed!

Airbrush makeup feels and looks better

Having my makeup applied with airbrush felt better than the conventional way. The cool vapor coming out from the airbrush feels nice and soft on the skin. And I have to say airbrushed makeup simply looks better. More sleek. Rather like a new skin than like makeup.

So, ladies if you want a natural and sophisticated look on your big day I highly recommend you choose Bali wedding makeup artists who use airbrush.


I want AIRBRUSH Makeup for my weddingSend an inquiry now and enjoy discounts


And for that BALI MAKEUP & HAIR may well be your best choice.

Happy Wedding







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