Ultimate Guide to Bali Pre Wedding Photography

Somewhere on Jimbaran Beach - Photography by Best Bali Pre Wedding Photographer: MICHELLE PASTEL


In recent years, Bali has become the No. 1 destination for pre wedding photography in Asia. Hardly surprising when considering the natural beauty of Bali and the many beautiful locations available.

Therefore, an ever increasing number of photographers and photo agencies have started to offer pre-wedding photography services here in Bali.

But you need to be careful when choosing your pre-wedding photography in Bali.


Here is why:

Because of intense competition, many Bali pre-wedding photographers with unprofessional services and unethical business practices have entered the market.

And many brides and couples have wasted their money and returned with bad or not pre-wedding photos at all. 

You don't want this to happen to you, do you ?

Therefore, I would like to help you and offer you some practical advice on how to find the right Bali pre wedding photographer for you in Bali.


What is your style ?

tips about pre-wedding photography in Bali

Unnamed beach somewhere in Canggu Photography by VALENTINO RUYA

Best pre-wedding photographer Bali

On a beach in South West Bali - by MICHELLE PASTEL

Different photographers work in different styles and use different techniques for their photography. Some call their style classic or traditional or conceptual. Some claim to be ‘fine-art’, yet others call their work ‘journalistic’.

Some photographers use very strong and vibrant colors in their photographs, yet others prefer to work more with subdued colors and hues.

Some Bali photographers put more emphasis on portraits and posed photographs. While others work more with landscape and candid shots. Some do a lot of Black & White photographs; others work exclusively in color.

The differences in style among Bali pre wedding photographers can be quite significant.

Do not try to go to one photographer and ask him/her if she can work in the style of another photographer. Why ? 

Because you also would not go into an Italian restaurant and expect them to give you a great Chinese meal… Or ask a chef specializing in Indian cuisine to cook you a Mexican meal.

Actually, it does not matter what label is attached to a photographer’s style. Why ? Because what matters is what YOU LIKE.  Look, look and look again at a photographer’s portfolio. 

See if the photographs on display at the photographer’s website match the style you are looking for.

And lastly, communicate with your Bali pre-wedding photographer and ask him/her questions to make sure his/her style is what you are after.


Book a photographer – not an agency!

Recommendations Bali Pre Wedding Photography

Rock formation on an unnamed beach in Tabanan regency - Photography by: MARTIN DEWATA


Many couples were disappointed when they received their Bali pre-wedding photographs. Why is that so ? Because their photos did not match the quality of what they saw on the website of the photographer / photo agency they choose.

It is all too common in Bali for photo agencies to show you the photos of their ‘Master Photographer’ on the website, but you then get just an assistant to photograph your pre-wedding photographs. 

Therefore, make sure you get the same photographer as the one whose pictures you have seen online.

So, when you see photos on a photographer’s website ask if your photographer will be the same who has made the pictures you  saw online.


Photographing at 'famous locations' – what you need to know

Ultimate Guide to Bali Pre Wedding Photography

Jimbaran Beach - Photography by: MARTIN DEWATA


Magnificent sunsets at Uluwatu Temple, spectacular views at Tanah Lot temple, enchanting landscapes at Bedugul’s lakes, Ubud’s rice terraces and much more has led many couples to believe those places are the best for pre-wedding photography.

But quite the opposite is true. Let me explain.

Famous tourist spots are not ideal for pre-wedding photos. Why ?

Because those locations are usually packed with many tourists. Which makes it difficult to take nice photographs there. A photographer needs to have space to find a nice angle but, at a location with hundreds of visitors, this is impossible.

Many famous tourist spots charge very high entrance fees for couples to have their pre-wedding photographs taken.

But, most importantly it is not necessary to go such famous tourist spots because Bali has many, many hidden gems, which you will not find in any guidebook. Those are off the beaten track and are much better suited for you to have perfect pre-wedding photographs. Consult with your photographer about this.

Another problem is: quite a lot of pre wedding photographers in Bali all use the same locations. Not touristy locations, but locations which have become popular for pre-wedding photography.

Those locations have become popular not because they are the best locations but because many photographers go there. One photographer following the other, instead of being creative and finding their spots…

So it can happen to you, you arrive at a spot, and you have to wait because there are other couples waiting in line.

Again: completely unnecessary. There are so many fabulous locations and spots in Bali where you neither need to queue, nor pay entrance fees.


Why traveling time between locations matters

Review Bali Pre Wedding Photography

Photography by: VALENTINO RUYA


Another often overlooked factor is traveling time. Bali is not small and roads are often very congested.

The time required between the locations where you will have your pre-wedding photographs taken matters.

Examples: Driving from Tanah Lot to Uluwatu is 2 hours or more. So, if you, for example, stay in Nusa Dua and drive to Tanah Lot and then back to Nusa Dua you would be spending: 3 hours or more just for traveling.


Ultimate Guide to Bali Pre Wedding Photography

Taman Ujung Water Palace - Photography by VALENTINO RUYA


Taman Ujung Water Palace is another location many couples want to go for their photographs. While the location is certainly nice, it will take you 3-4 hours traveling there and back and you will spend most of the time in a car, rather than taking pre-wedding photos.

The same applies to other locations outside South Bali.

Some photographers in Bali visit several remote locations during your shoot. And you would not be the first couple who ended up booking a one-day photoshoot but spend 70% - 80% of the time in the car traveling between locations. There are cheaper ways to see Bali from the seat of a car...

Other photographers, who do not go to ‘famous locations’ can give you equally beautiful photographs but will spend only very little time for driving around.

Because they use a set of locations which are all close to each other and require therefore much less traveling time.

The point is: There is no need to travel all over Bali to find beautiful locations for photography.

Consult with your photographer!


Careful!  Backdoor & surprise fees...

How to: Bali Pre Wedding Photography

Photography by: VALENTINO RUYA


Some photographers and photo agencies in Bali have become ‘creative’ in their sales.  Many couples learned on the day of the shoot they have to pay additional fees, which they were not told about.

This can be:

  •  transport fees, 
  • fees for dresses and gowns, 
  • fees for makeup & hair, 
  • entrance fees to certain locations 
  • and other ‘surprise’ fees.

Therefore, make sure to check thoroughly all the things which come as part of the package you selected.

And confirm with your photographer you will not need to pay any additional fees on the day of the shoot. And make sure all services are included in the package you have bought.

And remember: ‘If it looks too cheap it probably is…  ‘


The Bali Pre-Wedding Photo FACEBOOK GROUP!

Did you know there is also a FACEBOOK Group especially for pre-wedding / honeymoon photography in Bali? 

There you can ask any questions you may have about a pre-wedding shoot in Bali. Or find a great photographer for you.

I recommend you join that group while you do your research about pre-wedding photography in Bali: 


Bali pre-wedding Photo FACEBOOK GROUPclick here to visit

Should I bring my own dresses or rent my dress in Bali ?

Ultimate Guide to Bali Pre Wedding Photography

Photography & costumes by: VALENTINO RUYA

Best Bali Pre Wedding Photographer

By Best Bali Pre Wedding Photographer: MICHELLE PASTEL

The dresses you will wear are of great importance for a good pre-wedding photoshoot. And most couples like to change their dresses several times during their photo shoot.

The bad news is: most photographers in Bali don’t have a dress collection. Some of them either require you to bring your own dresses, or they rent the dresses from other vendors. Often your choices for dresses will be limited.

Therefore, before making a booking, please ask the photographer if they have a dress collection. Make sure you can see photographs of the dresses you will be able to choose from.

Also, please ask your photographer how many times you can change dresses during the shoot.

You may want to bring your own shoes and favorite accessories.

And ladies, remember you can’t walk with high heels on the beach or in a rice field. So bring some casual footwear as well.

Talking about casual: You may want to use some informal and casual dresses as well during your shoot.


Underwater Pre Wedding Photography in Bali

Bali Underwater Pre-wedding

Underwater pre wedding photography in Bali - click for more info


If you want something really different for your Bali pre-wedding photographs you may want to consider an underwater photography session

You need to be careful though because there are some important considerations you need to be aware.

For more information about an underwater pre-wedding photoshoot in Bali please explore the following article:

Bali Underwater Pre Wedding Photography


Why not bring my own photographer with me?

Best Bali Pre Wedding Photographer

By: the best Bali pre wedding photographer Michelle Pastel


It has become increasingly popular for couples to bring their own photographer from their home countries to Bali. And who can blame them: it's is nice to work with a person who you already know. 

But when doing so there are a few things for you to consider: 

Photographers working in Bali will have a much better understanding about locations in Bali than a photographer who is only been traveling to Bali. 

Overseas pre-wedding photographers lack the knowledge of locations and conditions at locations. What if you travel to a location only to find out that on that day the location is not available because of a Balinese ceremony ? Or because the ocean is too high. Or because the location is under renovation ? Will the photographer you have brought from outside Bali know that ? Will he know another backup location close by ?

Overseas photographers have no backup! What if the photographer you have brought with you suddenly falls ill when in Bali. Many good photographers living and working in Bali have a network and can send a backup photographer in case they fall ill or something.

Or worse: how about dying while on your pre-wedding shoot. Don't believe me? Read this: Prewedding photo shoot at Tegal Wangi Beach, Jimbaran ends tragically, bride-to-be dies . This happened because the photographer the couple brought from their home country did understand the strong currents at the location of the shoot.

Also, please keep in mind that it is illegal for a foreigner to work in Bali without the necessary permits. 

A few wedding photographers from China have been detained by Immigration officers, while they were working with their clients during a shoot in Bali. So how about your photographer gets arrested while you do your pre-wedding photos. 

I admit that the chances for this to happen are rather slim, but it has happened. And the authorities in Bali are increasingly enforcing the law and looking for those working illegally in Bali.

And last but not least: It is completely unnecessary to pay for the flight, the accommodation, and other expenses for a photographer you bring from overseas.

You can find photographers of world-class caliber who live and work in Bali. Even international photographers who speak your language. Let me know if you want me to find the right pre-wedding photographer in Bali for you.


Other tips for a successful pre-wedding shoot in Bali:

tips pre-wedding shoot in Bali

Super sunset - Photography by: DOMINIK PHOTOGRAPHY


Don’t select Sundays or public holidays as the day for your pre-wedding shoot. Because on those days, beaches and other locations are very crowded with local residents.

Better do your pre-wedding shoot during the dry season: April – October. Otherwise, rain may spoil your shoot. If you plan to come during the rainy season, then make sure to have an alternative date free for the shoot in case it rains on the day you have booked.

Most ladies will also want to have makeup & hair styling as part of their package. Make sure makeup & hair service is included in your package. Ask if the stylist will stay with you until the end of the shoot. And also, if you can do changes to the makeup and hair style during the shoot.

You should also ask your pre wedding photographer on what exactly you will receive from them. Things like:

  • How many photos will you receive as part of your pre-wedding package ?
  • How many photos will be edited / retouched ?
  • Do you also get the unedited photographs / RAW files or are there additional charges for those ?
  • Does the photographer give you the rights to the photographs and you can make your own prints, or does the photographer retain the rights ?
  • Do the photos come with a watermark ?

Additional Resources on pre-wedding photography in Bali:


And if you want to discover more of the work of recommended pre-wedding photographers in Bali please visit: 

or let me help you to find a recommended pre-wedding photographer for you in Bali. 

Help me find a great PRE-WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERWe have photographers for any budget

or visit the Bali Pre Wedding Photo FACEBOOK GROUP 

Bali pre-wedding Photo FACEBOOK GROUPclick here to visit

I hope, by now,  you now know everything you need to know about pre-wedding photography in Bali. 








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  1. Rici

    Terima kasih untuk Martin n teams
    Membuat prewed saya berhasil.
    Hasil memuaskan , perjalanan dari awal sampai akhir memuaskan.
    Thanks bali prewed team photography

    • Jameela T.

      Terima kasih telah milih pulau Bali sebahai destinasi tuk pre-wedd photo anda. Saya senang dengar bahwa Ricci dan tunangan nya mendapatkan pengalaman baik dari MARTIN DEWATA dan team nya.
      Salam hangat dari Bali
      Chairwoman of the Society of Bali Wedding Professionals

  2. Ricci

    Im really enjoy work with “BaliWedding” team ..
    thanks u all.

    Saya dan istri sangad menikmati perjalanan proses awal foto sampai akhir hasil foto keluar.
    Hasil foto foto memuas kan
    Good job martin dewata & teams

    • Jameela T.

      Terima kasih telah milih pulau Bali sebahai destinasi tuk pre-wedd photo anda. Saya senang dengar bahwa Ricci dan tunangan nya mendapatkan pengalaman baik dari MARTIN DEWATA dan team nya.
      Salam hangat dari Bali
      Chairwoman of the Society of Bali Wedding Professionals

  3. Mira & Zaki

    My husband and I chose Jo Yu and his team for our honeymoon photoshoot as we wanted a more heartfelt look to our photos as we personally feel that looking back at them in this style would bring us back to fond memories and it did! We have taken a look at some of our pictures and are very happy with them. There were a of mixture of fun shots, picturesque ones and some serious ones as well. We enjoyed our shoot with them and recommend them a lot to couples out there irregardless of whether you’re there for a prewedding shoot or a honeymoon shoot!

    • Jameela T.

      Hi Mira, Hi Zaki,

      Thank you so much for coming to Bali to do your pre-wedding photographs here. I am very glad to hear that you had such a wonderful experience with Jo and her team. I have seen your photographs and they are indeed very nice.

      I hope we can welcome you again in Bali soon.
      Thank you – Jameela

  4. Arthur Poon

    My wife and I have engaged Jo as our pre wedding photographer. No regrets about picking Jo. Very friendly, very skillful, and very professional. Importantly, Jo has a very bubbly personality which makes the experience enjoyable. Last but not least, photos came out very beautifully. Definitely recommended!

    • Jameela T.

      Dear Arthur – thank you so much for choosing Bali as your prewedding destination. I am glad to hear that you had such a great experience with Jo. Indeed he is a great photographer… Hope to see you again in Bali soon.
      Jameela Tey

  5. Yolanda

    Dear Martin & Mairah,
    It was a pleasure to have Martin as our pre- wedding photographer. He went above and beyond to try and capture the perfect moment for us. He is very easy going which made the day more relaxing and comfortable. The pictures turned out incredible. I highly recommend Martin. Thank you for taking care of us.

  6. Pre wedding photoshoot cost

    Hi Jameela,
    I am photographer based out of India and I was planning for a Pre Wedding shoot in Bali. I have never been to Bali. Your article was very informative and decisive for me to finalize my plan for Bali.
    A Genuine Thank you!

    • Jameela T.

      Thank you I am glad it was useful to you.

  7. Erica Lee

    My fiancé and I recently engaged the services of Jo Yu for our engagement photos. With 100% confidence, she was more than what we had ever hoped for! What I appreciated most about Jo was her uncanny ability to capture us under the perfect lighting, shadows, everything. She allowed us to take a sneak peek at our photos as she was shooting throughout the day, and they looked flawless to the point where I couldn’t imagine how editing could have made them look any better. It is clear that Jo is passionate about not only her style, but also about creating a comfortable, memorable experience for her clients. To be honest, we felt like we were having a close friend taking our pictures, rather than a photographer. Her lovely assistant was also as passionate and professional as she was, making us feel like we couldn’t have made a better choice for a photographer. She even took us to locations in addition to what we had signed up to visit simply because she wanted us to make the most of our time and to take advantage of the beautiful lighting and scenery we drove by along the way. If we could have her flown out to shoot at our wedding in California. She is a true gem of an artist, and (especially considering pricing) I would absolutely recommend her for anyone looking to get their photos taken in Bali. Every minute spent and picture taken will not disappoint.

  8. Andrew Sim

    ​My wife and I recently engaged Michelle Pastel to do post-wedding photos for us in Bali. We knew that we were always a bit nervous in front of a camera and choose Michelle to do our photos because he seemed to have the ability to make people look relaxed on the photos. And Michelle exceeded our expectations by far. I cannot believe how relaxed and happy he made us look in our photographs. I guess that is because he is such an fun person to work with. We are very happy with the photos and recommend Michelle to anyone looking for great photos in Bali.

    Thank you – Andrew

  9. Aaron Goh

    Michelle Pastel is without a doubt the best. We were in Bali (early Feb) and had him as our pre-wedding photographer. The experience of taking photos with him was wonderful. He made us very relaxed in front of the camera.
    And the resulting photos could not be any better.

    I highly recommend Michelle as your pre-wedding photographer in Bali.


    • Jameela T.

      Thank you Aaron for coming to Bali to do your engagement photos here. I am happy to hear that you got great photos from Michelle.
      Jameela Tey

  10. Sonia

    We recently had our pre-wedding photos done in Bali. We used the services of Michelle Pastel. Even though he was one of the most costly options we choose him because we love his natural and candid style.
    Today we received our photographs and we are blown away by the beauty of the images he created for us. Every picture is an artwork in itself.
    We also very much enjoyed the experience of taking photos with Michelle and his team. We are rather shy people… Michelle made us feel so relaxed and comfortable during the shoot.

    I am over the moon with my pre-wedding photographs from Bali and highly recommend Michelle for couples who want nothing but the best.

    Forever grateful – Sonia & Aaron

    • Jameela T.

      Sonia, Aaron,

      Thank you so much for your feedback and for having your pre-wedding photos taken in Bali. I am pleased to hear that you had such a wonderful experience working with Michelle.

  11. Shareen Teo

    m planning for pre wedding and Bail is one of my consideration due to the beautiful nature. would appreciate if you could share with me any local bali photographer, make up artist as well any wedding gown I could rent for my pre wedding shot. many thanks for your valuable advice. I am planning to take my pre wedding shot in early 2018

    • Jameela T.

      Hi Shareen,

      Thank you so much for choosing Bali as your destination for pre-wedding photographs. We have already sent you some recommendations for your photography in Bali. If there is anything else I can be of assistance with please let me know.

  12. Supriya

    Hello what are the charges for post wedding shoot as we are planning for bali in april.

    • Jameela T.

      between 500 – 2000 $ depending on who you choose as your photographer and which packages

  13. Kelly Koopman

    We took our wedding photographs with Valentino Ruya. It was an amazing experience and the pictures are simply stunning. The whole day went wonderfully smooth thanks to Valentino and his team. They make it so you don’t have to worry about anything, except smile maybe 🙂

    • Jameela T.

      Thank you Kelly !! I am very happy to hear that you had such a pleasant experience.

  14. Mladen & Nina Nikolic

    We had a photo shoot with Valentino Ruya and would recommend him to anyone who wants to have a couples photo shoot in Bali. Valentino and his team are very professional and have a very easy going and friendly approach, which will make even the most camera shy person feel at ease during the photo shoot. Valentino made use of a variety of different locations, from a black sand beach, to a rice padi to a pile of hay and got brilliant results across the board. If you’re planning a photo shoot in Bali, give Valentino a shout, you will not be disappointed!

    • Jameela T.

      Thank you Nina & Mladen. I very happy to hear that you had a great experience with Valentino and his team.

  15. Juwi

    Just got to see this blog. And it was very helpfull for me to find this blog.

    I am considering bali as my pre wedding location. Perhaps you can gave me suggestion of where i can get an affordable photographer, make up artist, and gown collection for rent the prewedding. And most of all the best location for it.

    I’m planning to have my pre wed next year.

  16. Gilbert Wong

    Our photoshoto with Valentino Ruya was beyond what we expected. The pictures were professionally taken and the service was great. I like the locations of the photo taking and the additional request that was catered for us. We are pretty sure that we will have another family shoot with Valentino and his wonderful team !

  17. Anita Chan

    Martin did a good job taking photos for our group (7 people). He’s so well managed that we all get to have our individual, couples, group of 4, group of 7 photos. We like the locations that he chose for us. He’s friendly and approachable.

  18. GeokBee

    Thanks for the recommendations, happy that we have Martin as our pre-wedding photographer! Wonder experience and photos!

    • GeokBee

      Wonderful* experience and photos!

  19. Raymond

    Hi, many thanks for your wonderful sharing. I’m gonna visit Bali in coming August for pre wedding. Could you share some locations close to each other as the travelling time is really annoying. Also, appreciate if you could also suggest some photographers.

    • Jameela T.

      Thank you Raymond. I have already replied to you via email.
      I wish you and your fiance a wonderful pre-wedding shoot in Bali.

  20. Diamond

    Martin is an unbelievable photographer. From the moment we met for our gorgeous shoot he made us feel relaxed and natural, it is just like walking along the beach with a friend. We can feeling his joy after taking a good shot for us. He is also very clear in all his correspondence and really careful about giving us all space without missing any important moments. The most important thing is that we had lovely couple photographs in different great scenes in Bali. We will absolutely treasure these great photos.

    • Jameela T.

      Thank you Diamond ! I am very happy to hear that you had such lovely experiences with Martin.

  21. Elisa

    Our photos turned out great! We originally only selected the sunset beach photos. Two weeks before our shoot we decided to do full day instead. Definitely not a decision to regret. The shoot was fun and relaxing and we also got to see some of the hidden natures that we probably would not have gone to ourselves. I highly recommend Martin and his team!

    • Jameela T.

      Elisa, I am so happy to hear that you had a great experience with Martin. I have seen your photographs and indeed they turned out to be wonderful.
      Thank you so much.

  22. Meli

    Thanks a lot to Martin Dewata Photograph & the team for being our prewedding photograper on 05-05-2017; it was fun and great memories in Bali. and the photos we received are awesome; perfect and as what i expected.
    we love it so much.
    also Thanks to Mba Mairah for the help & great communication before and after the photoshoot, i love the dresses & the make up. keep it up guys.


    • Wilten

      Hi Meli,

      You made a great choice indeed, so happy to hear this, will pass your feedback to Martin and his team!

  23. Dayna

    We chose Martin for our wedding photography and he did not disappoint! Thabkyiu Martin for capturing our special day! We can not thankyou enough!

    • Jameela T.

      very happy to hear that you had a great experience with Martin Dewata. He is indeed a great photographer.

  24. Chin

    Thanks Martin and the team for the great effort! Me and my fiancé are truly blessed to have Martin as our pre wedding photographer. Martin is a lovely and friendly guy. Always in love and amazed by his skill and passionate about his work, all the pictures were lovely. We love them so much! Thanks for capturing all those beautiful moments. Will definitely go back to Martin next time for another photo shooting session if we are in Bali again.

  25. Charis

    We had chosen Martin Dewata as our photographer. He was with no doubt a very professional photographer with awesome team, taking care of our attire, make up, transport and bringing us to many natural hidden beauty places in Bali where there is more privacy and we can just be ourselves. His service is awesome and the photos are all to our likings. ^^ Highly recommended for whoever who wants to do photography in Bali. You will not regret ! Thumbs up once again.
    You can see our photos here.

  26. Eric

    We used the services of Valentino Ruya for our pre-wedding photographs. Here you can see our photos. We were very happy with Valentino and his highly professional team.

    Thank you very much for your wonderful works and brilliant photos. I am happy to recommend Valentino Ruya service to other people for sure.

  27. Nicki A.

    My fiancé and I took our pre-wedding photos with Jo Yu and loved the experience! It was great having a knowledgable team with us the entire day and getting the opportunity to explore Bali while taking these photos that will last a lifetime.

    • Jameela T.

      very glad to hear that you had a great experience with Jo Yu – and thank you for choosing Bali as your pre-wedding destination
      Jameela Tey

  28. Vik

    Dear Martin & Mariah,

    Thank you so much for being part of our pre-wedding photoshoot. You guys know your stuffs really well. We are really pleased with your service and hospitality. From the make up artist, to Mariah coordinating, to the driver taking care of the lighting, to alex assisting with 2nd photography and lastly the man with all the creative skills in photograpy, my friend Martin Dewata did an amazing job and we were so comfortable with him. Thank you so much for helping us buy breakfast and allowing us to prepare in a timely manner. Thanks to Martin Dewata photography that my fiance and me had brought our bond to another level. It was a first class photography service and these guys put their heart and soul in what they love to do. Please select Martin Dewata for your wedding photoshoot or for any other events.


    P.S: THANK YOU FOR THE BEER AS WELL!! Hope you got your camera cleaned too after getting all the holi powder on it! cheers!

    Vik & Sindhu.

    • Jameela T.

      Thank you Vik & Sindhu for choosing the services of a member photographer of THE SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS.
      I am glad to hear that you had such a wonderful experience.

      We look forward to welcoming you again on our wonderful island of Bali

  29. Shuxian

    Thank you Valentino and team for the dedicated effort and awesome photos!!!

    • Jameela T.

      Shuxian, I am glad that you had a great experience with Valentino

  30. Bill

    Thank you so much for the informative post. I enjoyed reading it and learned lots. We are planning to come to Bali during the first week of October this year to do our pre-wedding photos. It’s our first time to Bali, very excited for the trip. We like photos by the beach, and similar styles as the pictures in your post (Jimbaran Beach – Photography by: MARTIN DEWATA and Taman Ujung Water Palace – Photography by VALENTINO RUYA). Would you please give us some recommendations for photographers and locations near South Bali? Also, how many days do I need to be in Bali for the pre-wedding photo shoot?

    • Wilten

      Hi Bill,

      Thank you for the nice words – glad you enjoyed reading! We sent you an email, hope that helps.

  31. Vitta

    Hi, can you give me recommendations please. We’ll be visiting Bali early April 2017.
    We want to make pre wedding photo in tagalalang area and in the beach area. We prefer to rent the dress and the suit. And we want have pre wedding photo with traditional clothes too.
    Thanks a lot

    • Jameela T.

      Dear Vitta,

      Thank you so much for choosing Bali as the destination for your pre-wedding photography.
      I have already emailed you with recommendations.

      I wish you a wonderful stay in Bali and beautiful pre-wedding photos.


  32. joy

    Happy new year thank you for wonderful blog. I am planning for pre wedding and Bail is one of my consideration due to the beautiful nature. would appreciate if you could share with me any local bali photographer, make up artist as well any wedding gown I could rent for my pre wedding shot. many thanks for your valuable advice. am planning to take my pre wedding shot in mid may 2017

    • Jameela T.

      Thank you so much for considering our wonderful Bali as your pre-wedding destination. I have already replied to you with a few recommendations about good local Bali wedding photographers who would be a perfect match for you.

  33. Cassie Barreda

    You have absolutely done it perfectly. Every picture is way too awesome and splendid. You have truly match the quality of what a perfect shot is. Great post, by the way. You’ve given us readers an idea about what Bali looks like and where are the perfect location for such wedding and romantic events. Thank you also for the wonderful and helpful tips you’ve generously shared to us. I’m pretty sure many couple or family or even friends would now plan and head over and discover more about Bali.



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