Botanica Beach Weddings

Is the world going coconuts?

At Bali Wedding Blog we are being flooded by the same question: “Jameela, where do I find the best beach venue in Bali?”

I could hardly contain my excitement at the chance to share with you my latest discovery that has everything – yes, everything – you’re looking for: a gorgeous location, great photo opps, fantastic service… and it won’t break your piggy bank either.

Have I got your attention? Read on!


The folks at Botanica Weddings have done it again


Botanica Beach Weddings

Simply beautiful


They have unearthed The Best Beachfront in Bali ! Yes, my Dears, bring your Raybans, the sand is seriously white.

Cue the coconut palms and bring on the hand carved an-teak ceremony pavilion, the moment you step into this water palace by the sea you will be seriously swept off your feet 


Botanica Beach Weddings

The wedding pavilion at BOTANICA BEACH WEDDINGS

Botanica Beach Weddings

Beautiful photo locations

And I know what you want to ask next: “But Jameela, does it have a reception area under fairy lights and stars in my own private coconut grove just metres from the sea?” And the answer is a resounding, “YES!”


Cultural & Culinary Indulgence anyone ?


Botanica Beach Wedding

Balinese dance performance

Botanica Beach Wedding

Culinary delights from across the globe


I also hear their chef is one of the best on the island so you and your guests are in for some serious feasting.

Oh, and did I mention the little icebreaker they throw in for good measure: a 20 person kecak dance complete with bamboo flares at twilight (SO romantic!) …sure to get the smartphones flashing.



All the amenities and conveniences of a 5-star resort


Botanica Beach Weddings

Be pampered


What I didn’t tell you is that what looks like a million dollar movie set is actually held in one of Bali’s most fabled 5-star resorts.!

Tell Grandma it’s a cross between “South Pacific” and “The King & I”…she’ll be booking her plane ticket tomorrow…

When you’re done dancing under the stars, you and your guests can roll into bed, located in your luxury accommodation just a few wobbly stiletto steps down the path.


Botanica Beach Weddings

Dine under the stars


Go ornate. Detailed. Maximalist. Celebrate the exotic. You only live once. And this is Bali, so take advantage of the culture. You can go back to your boring flat screen/flat yard existence back home.

I apologise. Sometimes I get overly enthusiastic.

But isn’t that what you want on your wedding day? Passion?!

Let’s watch a short video, shall we:



That’s what I like about the folks at Botanica Weddings. It’s something they have oodles of. And they absolutely won’t let you settle for second best.

For more info please head over to: BOTANICA BEACH WEDDINGS



UPDATE – July 2017: 

We have some wonderful news to share with you. Botanica Bali has just been announced the winner of the 2016 Luxury Travel Guide award for :


The Luxury Travel Guide Awards represent the pinnacle of hospitality achievement, championing the best in their respective fields, whether it’s restaurants, hotels or wedding organisers; therefore to come out on top and be voted the best in all of Indonesia is truly an achievement you should all be proud of.

According to the people running the award, this year has seen an unprecedented number of shortlisted companies, providing strong competition in the wedding category.
So all the most reason to celebrate and feel super proud and confident in the lead up to what is going to be one of our busiest and best end of year seasons ever.
Well done team Botanica!!!


Thank you.


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