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I thought that after working for 12 years in Bali’s wedding industry I knew every great venue on the island. But it seems that sometimes – rarely, mind you – even Jameela hasn’t seen it all yet.

I am going to share with you the most QUINTESSENTIALLY BALINESE venue on the island.



This venue is neither beach-front nor clifftop. It may not even be what you think you’re looking for. But believe me, you should still check it out.


Botanica Weddings Royal Pita Maha

Royal Altar – Photography by: VALENTINO RUYA


I recently had the privilege of witnessing a wedding here. And it was so GOBSMACKINGLY SPECTACULAR. 

So I was prepared to hear some astronomical figures on what it costs to get married here… but to my utter surprise, it ain’t that costly.

In fact considering what you get… I would almost say it’s a bargain… especially when compared to overpriced and over-hyped venues such as the wedding chapels in Bali… 

Ladies, do you want something different for your Bali wedding?  Do you want your guests to rave about your wedding for years to come? 

Then pay close attention! Because Jameela is about to reveal to you A RARE JEWEL. 

A venue, worthy of a king (and his queen).


BOTANICA WEDDING by:  Valentino Ruya

Royal Pita Maha wedding pavilion. Photography by: VALENTINO RUYA


Oooh, I love these surprises – this is why I do what I do – to hook you up with the Best of whatever is out there. 

Have I whetted your appetite?

This is the very first wedding venue discovered by BOTANICA WEDDINGS, those folks who only work at locations that will knock your silky socks off.  

And here it is. Sound the gong, bring out the dancing girls.

Unveiled for you for the very first time, the crème de la crème of Bali wedding venues:



BOTANICA UBUD by Valentino Ruya Photographer

Flower Girls marching to Altar. Photo by: VALENTINO RUYA


I see you scratching your head. The Royal Pizza What?!

Quick translation: a king’s interpretation of East meets West. 

Yes…the king of Ubud, created this AMAZING TEMPLE TO BEAUTY as a tribute to his father who cultivated the relationship between Balinese and European artists in the 1920s.

He paved the way for Ubud to become what Venice is to Italy and Paris is to France… the spiritual, cultural and romantic heart of Bali.

I am not going to try and describe this place to you. Instead, lean back, grab a cup of coffee/tea or whatever relaxes you… because after watching this video you’ll need some relaxation as it certainly will excite you quite a bit.


All I will add to this UNASHAMED RAVE is that the people at the Royal Pita Maha really understand service. (Note: they are like one big family with some working at the venue for over 20 years. Now that is loyalty!) 

And so they have teamed up with the one wedding company that is also fanatical about service:


Jameela is a big fan of these guys because of how they are changing our industry for the better.

Their couples don’t stop raving. If you think I am exaggerating, see for yourself. 

In fact, some of them love their BOTANICA WEDDINGS so much, they end up working for BOTANICA WEDDINGS !


Royal Pita Maha Botanica


Seriously folks, if you want your wedding to go off without a hitch, you have to talk to these guys. 

They are brilliant at what they do and they are Australian. Speaking English is of course, no problem…well if you don’t mind them calling you MAAATE!

I hear they have had some PRETTY FAMOUS PEOPLE get married at this place. Discretion stops me from saying more…

But if you and your guests want to FEEL LIKE ROYALTY and have a wedding experience that is OUT OF THIS WORLD, then speak to the guys at BOTANICA. 



Partying hard… Photo by: VALENTINO RUYA


Oh, by the way, there’s nothing I hate more than raising the hopes of my dear readers and then have them be disappointed.

So I must warn you. BOTANICA WEDDINGS are totally booked out a year in advance and dates for next year are disappearing faster than a toupee in a hurricane so don’t say Jameela didn’t warn you.

And if you are lucky and get the date you want, CONGRATULATIONS, you and your family and friends can look forward to experiencing THE VERY BEST VALUE WEDDING BALI CAN OFFER


Happy Wedding



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