Wouldn’t you rather be a ‘bride-chilla’ than a bridezilla?


You may be wondering why all these brides look so ecstatically happy when there is so much talk about destination weddings being stressful.

Well, take my word for it, you’d be smiling too if you had Bali’s best wedding organisation plan your wedding…these couples are having the time of their life because they haven’t had to worry about a thing.

The venue and everything else was virtually chosen for them…all they had to do was turn up and enjoy – or should I say indulge!


Botanica Wedding Planner Bali



I have to admit that at first, I was a bit skeptical about the guys from Botanica Weddings Bali. I have to be.

After all, there is a lot hanging on my reputation – your wedding for starters!




Refreshingly different…

I remember my first meeting with the principals of BOTANICA WEDDINGS a couple of years ago. They explained: “We do weddings differently from anyone else” they said. 

My initial thought was: “Yeah, right…”  Yawn…

But it turned out that this claim is not only true but actually an understatement.Janet, the lovely director of BOTANICA WEDDINGS BALI told me:

Instead of saying to couples, here you choose from any of the 257 places you can get married in Bali, we comb the island and pick out the jewels for them.”




I looked at what they were offering back then. Great choice I have to admit, but one venue only!?

Did they really think they could convince a bride to book at their one venue even if it was the most breathtaking place on the island?!

Well, a couple of hundred weddings later with a few more venues added to their repertoire, I am eating my words.

I have gone from thinking they were mildly crazy to considering them the most switched-on wedding planner in Bali.


Why is Jameela today such a fan?

Well, let me share a secret with you. Once, a very long time ago, I toyed with the idea of becoming a wedding planner myself. Was I perhaps a little nuts?


What I realised is that all these planners were tearing their hair out trying to please every bride and every single one of her whims. 

I witnessed:

  • The nightmare of email ping pong
  • The overseas phone calls at 3am
  • Those last minute changes
  • The stress…. And sometimes even panic…

I couldn’t imagine a life/work like that.


The folks at Botanica Weddings, on the other hand, are different. 

They are relaxed. They smile. They have fun doing what they do. 

Just like their couples.


Happy Botanica Wedding Couple


In fact, they have a little joke where they say they have never met a bridezilla, only bride-chillas.

So what are they doing that is so different  ???

In my relentless pursuit to bring you only the best of Bali weddings I have been given the green light to publish, right here, the BOTANICA recipe for a perfect wedding in Bali.

So without any further ado:




Firstly, they take the burden of having to choose the venue off your shoulders.  They pick out the real stars and they only work with a select few stunning Bali wedding venues.

I won’t bore you with their list of criteria but their biggest demand is that the venue must provide photo backdrops that even Jameela would approve of.  

My dear, you only get married once!!  



Botanica Weddings Bali

Because they work with only a handful of venues, they know each one inside out and so they have ironed out all the things that could go wrong. You don’t have to worry about a thing, these guys have everything under control.



Botanica Weddings in Bali

Each of BOTANICA’S planners goes through exhaustive training. So they have the knowledge to then guide you every step of the way, so you get your own human planner PLUS…your very own Personal Online Planner, which, incidentally, gives you access to all the planning details of your wedding, 24/7.



BOTANICA WEDDING by Valentino Ruya

I have seen so many wedding companies throw out the bait of a deceptively low ceremony price to hook couples in, only to pile on the costs later.

I HATE THIS PRACTICE! But it is all too common and it gives this industry such a bad name.

Which brings me to what I like most about Botanica Weddings.

They have integrity. They bring together all the essentials you are going to need, and tell you upfront what your wedding is going to cost.


So you can sleep at night. Zzzzz.

Wanna know more about BOTANICA WEDDINGS ?

These smart little cookies originally hail from Australia where they started off with their own venue Villa Botanica. After 8 years, they’ve kind of perfected their formula.

They now have an office in Bali as well as Australia, plus teams working all around the world. Last time I checked, in the US and France. 

And now they are run off their tootsies handling all those couples who have cottoned onto the smart way to get married in Bali.  


The hard way or the Botanica way – the choice is yours…

Valentino Ruya Photographer

In my humblest opinion, you owe it to your own sanity to check out Botanica Weddings. And of course, if you prefer to do things the old way, you can check out these other sites as well where you get to make all the decisions yourself. Just don’t say Jameela didn’t warn you!

So ladies, there you have it.

You can either:

  • Run around shopping for your religious minister and your civil registrar (fingers crossed they will turn up on the day)
  • Worry about your flowers (you didn’t order yellow? Let me fix it with a trusty can of spray paint!)
  • Worry about your venue (slight hitch: it’s raining – but we can organise you a marquee – for $4000!!!)
  • And worry about a gazillion other things that can go wrong

Or you can simply opt for the proven BOTANICA way and actually have fun, from day one.


Yes, I also want a stress-free BOTANICA WEDDINGBest Price Guarantee & Vendor DISCOUNTS available !!!


UPDATE – July 2017: 

We have some wonderful news to share with you. Botanica Bali has just been announced the winner of the 2016 Luxury Travel Guide award for :


The Luxury Travel Guide Awards represent the pinnacle of hospitality achievement, championing the best in their respective fields, whether it’s restaurants, hotels or wedding organisers; therefore to come out on top and be voted the best in all of Indonesia is truly an achievement you should all be proud of.

According to the people running the award, this year has seen an unprecedented number of shortlisted companies, providing strong competition in the wedding category.
So all the most reason to celebrate and feel super proud and confident in the lead up to what is going to be one of our busiest and best end of year seasons ever.
Well done team Botanica!!!

Happy Wedding


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