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Dreaming of an exotic setting, balmy weather and putting your toes in the sand? Tropical weddings are wonderful for several reasons and many couples enjoy the excitement! But sometimes unforeseen problems arise for brides who are tropic bound…

This is especially true for tropical weddings because the elements like heat, humidity, and sunshine can interfere with our makeup leaving us upset and miserable. While we might be standing in paradise, a few mishaps can zap all the fun from the festivities and leave us feeling anything but relaxed.

Thankfully, the following makeup trends and tips for tropical weddings can save your sanity and help you look gorgeous on your big day!


10 Makeup Trends and Tips for Tropical Weddings


Listed below are ten suggestions to help you have wonderful memories for years to come, not regrets and bad sunburns:

Keep it light and simple. Like all weddings, a bride wants to look her best on her big day. For tropical locations with high humidity and heat, it is best to avoid heavy foundations and cakey powders. These makeups are not suited for these climates because they will only melt or blotch in the tropical setting. Instead, use a lightweight primer or tinted moisturiser to go for a more natural look.

Avoid breakouts with basic skin care. It’s no secret that we sweat, but this can be intensified in tropical locations. At the end of a humid or dusty day, make sure to give your face a thorough cleansing to prevent breakouts and blackheads. Follow up with an oil-free moisturizer, because the humidity will add more than enough shine to our skin without extra help. Also, consider using facial antiperspirants to reduce the likelihood of excessive sweating. When combined with the use of blotting tissues, you can remove excess sweat or oil to keep you looking fresh for the ceremony and photos. Have you also consider airbrush makeup for smoother, natural look with very thin layers of makeup used?

Wear sunblock. Many brides and bridesmaids are leery of wearing greasy sunblock with their silk and nice dresses. Unfortunately, a little SPF is essential in the tropics. Apply the spray or lotion far enough ahead of time to allow it to dry completely and be absorbed. This will protect your dress, avoid white spots from showing up in photos and prevent you from seeing red. Afterall, you don’t want to be burned and miserable on a happy occasion.

Use waterproof mascara. This will keep your eyes looking bright all day long, even after those naughty tears coming.

Use bronzers to look sun kissed. For outdoor weddings, you want to look natural and relaxed. Don’t forget - daylight is not as forgiving as indoor lighting. Use a simple base and lightly brush on a light bronzer to warm up your complexion while making you look healthy and well rested.



Go bare! When we think of heading to the tropics or exotic location we envision walks along the beach, cute sandals, little bikinis, and more. This, unfortunately, involves taming and manicuring our unwanted body hair. Whether you shave or opt for wax, make sure to follow up with skin products that reduce inflammation, red bumps, and ingrown hairs. This will keep you feeling beautiful and protect all those wonderful photos from being ruined by razor burn.

Hair do. When it comes to hair, keep it simple sweetie! There is no reason to choose complicated up-do’s or veils. With the heat and humidity, they will only fall flat. Better to use a hair jewelry to pin in a simple hairstyle.

Avoid shimmer. Typically, we encourage a little glitz for special occasions. Unfortunately, outdoor locations in tropical locations are often situated by water. That combined with the sunlight, can cause a lot of unwanted shine to reflect in photos.

Choose matte lipsticks or a trusted lip stain. Between the heat and humidity, lipsticks don’t tend to last very long under these conditions. Experts recommend using mattes because they hold up well when it comes to heat and water (also lot’s of kisses on a day).

Bring insect repellant. Many brides often forget that outdoor weddings are crushed by thousands of uninvited guests each year. The culprits: bugs. We all know how irritating mosquitoes or gnats can be so don’t take the chance of them ruining your big day. Plan ahead and come prepared with bug spray for you, the wedding party, and your guests.



What makeup trends or tips do YOU have for a tropical wedding?

Let us know so that we can share with the world.

Article by Cassie Brewer

About Cassie: Cassie Brewer is a makeup artist and freelance writer living in sunny Southern California. She writes about, beauty, fashion, diet, and wellness in order to help others not only be beautiful on the outside but radiant on the inside. You can follow her on Twitter @cassiembrewer.

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