The EDGE Bali clifftop wedding venue


When it comes to combining romance with luxury there’s nothing more breathtaking than a clifftop wedding.

Think soaring limestone peaks, brilliant blue skies, and a never-ending horizon as your guests indulge their senses in a dramatic landscape to celebrate YOUR romance. Moments like this are usually restricted to the pages of romance novels or movie sets so naturally, we had to find a way for you to make it a reality.


The only problem with reality is: Well, reality!

Even on a stunning clifftop, things can go wrong, and while we can certainly recommend the best clifftop wedding venues for you, it’s just as important to arm you with some tools to use while you go about selecting the right one for your upcoming nuptials.

After years of experience (and hundreds of wedding invitations) we’ve seen more than you want to know, so we’ve created some top tips to avoid misadventure during your momentous clifftop wedding occasion.



When assessing a venue, the phrase to keep in mind is 5-star luxury. You’re paying for the finest so make sure the staff, the food, the stylists, the entertainment and the wine list lives up to this lofty standard. 

The worst thing ever is seeing a couple reach for the pinnacle of grace and miss because of shoddy waitresses or a poor sound system. 

Here at the Bali Wedding Blog, we’re all about living the dream so make sure your fantasy clifftop location is backed up by a team of excellent, experienced service providers.


The EDGE Bali clifftop wedding venue



It should go without saying but when you’re selecting dates, assess the weather situation carefully.

If you’re going to set a scene of total exclusivity make sure you give nature the best chance possible to show up and complete the package. That means reserving your venue early and investigating weather control options as a backup.

Many luxury clifftop wedding venues provide a reinforced tent or pavilion style shelter that will withstand the elements should they turn on you at the last minute.


We can’t say this more sternly. Any discerning bride should personally view the portfolio of hairdressers, makeup artists, manicurists and spa technicians before she adds them to her clifftop wedding dream day. 

You need world-class beauty technicians to complement and indulge you during your wedding week. Don’t risk a hairstyle that will escape with the slightest

Don’t risk a hairstyle that will escape with the slightest breeze or a mascara brand that won’t handle a little sea spray as you pose for those epic beach photographs after the ceremony.



There’s nothing people remember more than the food at a wedding.

If you want to impress your guests, avoid complaints and lull them into a flurry of appreciation make sure you cough up the dosh for a distinguished array of goodies.

Check the venue, who is the chef? What experience do they have, and which events have they done before?

Don’t be afraid to ask for something fabulous, think French patisserie and champagne. There’s no need to worry about being demanding, just be very clear that you want something exclusive and ask the venue how they’re going to make it happen.

If you manage to snag a certain world-class wedding venue consider adding a local influence to the menu.


Best Bali clifftop wedding venue



We know you’re going to be looking fabulous, after all, it’s your big day!

But what about your guests? If you don’t advise them properly they’re not going to know what’s appropriate for your luxury clifftop wedding soiree. So help them out with very specific advice on footwear as well as the need for a wrap when the sun goes down.

If you want the gents to go black tie, say so! If it’s more of a beach cocktail theme then make sure you don’t get anyone showing up in horrific Hawaiian shirts. You may want to give them photographic examples and even shop recommendations they can visit for the correct attire.

The last thing you want is ladies losing their Jimmy Choos, so if the turf is a little soft, why not recommend a backup pair of jeweled sandals.

Problem-solving is simple, just consider the terrain, communicate clearly and your guests are sure to rise to the fashion challenge.



If you do manage to secure a clifftop booking in a paradisiacal spot like Bali consider combining elements of Bali’s beautiful culture into your wedding.

Traditional dancers could play a part in the entertainment for example. Or your guests could leave offerings to the Gods as they enter the venue.

There are so many ways to add atmosphere and a unique twist. The last thing you want to do is be seen to be unappreciative guests waltzing in and taking over the place without a nod of respect to the local staff and customs.


altar setting at EDGE Bali



Last but certainly not least, this is perhaps the most important task of all.

If you want to ensure that everything we’ve mentioned above is taken care of to your complete satisfaction please, please, choose a wedding planner giving you a five-star experience.

Choose a reputable wedding company who is member of the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS. Someone who is committed to go the extra mile to meet and exceed your expectations.

Ensure they have local knowledge and strong, established connections with the suppliers you need to make your clifftop wedding fantasy come true. 

We’ve personally seen a few epic fails you would not believe.  However, there’s one company we wholeheartedly recommend to couples seeking perfection for their wedding in Bali. 

Namely (drumroll please):


I came across the EDGE from Botanica Weddings while we were scouting clifftop wedding venues around Bali.  

This fantastic venue has an extensive coastline and it offers some incredible set-up options for your ceremony and reception.  

The EDGE is a venue which defies all standards of luxury, and beauty. In fact, the view from its limestone peaks was recently voted number one in the world by Conde Nast in the ‘best view’ category.

This is an exclusive partnership between an excellent operator and an incredible venue – and brides have been raving about BOTANICA weddings.


The view from the EDGE - BALI



The EDGE itself is a vast five-star property towering 500 meters above the Indian Ocean.

See for yourself. I have heard nothing but fabulous reviews about the magnificent property, the food, the entertainment and of course the accommodation. Pure indulgence !

BOTANICA WEDDINGS is an Australian based company who can help you to plan an incredible clifftop wedding with all of the luxuries, additions, and entertainment you could possibly imagine.

Their team of planners and ‘on the ground’ staff have vastly impressed us so we feel confident in highly recommending you to contact them. 

That’s enough from us at the Bali Wedding Blog for today – stay tuned for our next exciting update and may the power and romance of clifftop weddings be with you.


UPDATE – July 2017: 

We have some wonderful news to share with you. Botanica Bali has just been announced the winner of the 2016 Luxury Travel Guide award for :


The Luxury Travel Guide Awards represent the pinnacle of hospitality achievement, championing the best in their respective fields, whether it’s restaurants, hotels or wedding organisers; therefore to come out on top and be voted the best in all of Indonesia is truly an achievement you should all be proud of.

According to the people running the award, this year has seen an unprecedented number of shortlisted companies, providing strong competition in the wedding category.
So all the most reason to celebrate and feel super proud and confident in the lead up to what is going to be one of our busiest and best end of year seasons ever.
Well done team Botanica!!!



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