Nowadays couples are no longer interested in those conventional, highly posed and unnatural photos.

They are looking for more. Something different. Something unique.

Photographs which portray people as they are. Not a fake version of themselves.

More and more brides choose authenticity and individuality over boring standard photos of the previous generation.

They want photos which they will not only keep as a memory for life but also proudly share with friends and family – online and offline.


Is this for you?

If unnatural & heavily posed photographs are your 'thing' then this article is not for you.⛔

For look-here-and-smile photographs, there is an army of indistinguishable pre-wedding photographers in Bali.

All of them can give you such photographs – quickly and cheaply. Just like instant noodles...?

Consequently, this kind of photos will not get you Likes on Social Media. You won't earn you the admiration from friends and family.?

Millennials like you want gorgeous photos which show the deep bond and the love couples feel towards each other.

Emotions over locations!

Do you think the most important ingredient for fantastic photos are locations, dresses, makeup & hair, etc…

Well, think again my Dears.

Of course, we all agree: beautiful locations, dresses, makeup are important for great pre-wedding photographs.

But there is more!

Bali has so many fantastic places. However, locations alone will not make your pre-wedding photos a success. Any photographer can bring you to popular locations in Bali. That is easy.

But to bring out the natural YOU – your individual character and traits … this calls for different qualities on behalf of your pre-wedding photographer.

For this, your photographer needs to have empathy and excellent communication skills. Your photographer needs to make a personal connection with you.

Just a friendly smile will not be enough.

Such communication skills will allow your photographer in such a way that your own individuality transpires into your photographs.

Before I ramble on let me show you some gorgeous photographs which illustrate my point.

All of the following photographs have strong, heartfelt emotions at their core.?


Bali pre wedding honeymoon photography

Fun & spontaneous - captured by MICHELLE PASTEL

Bali pre wedding honeymoon photography

What he whispered? We will never know... Capture by: JO YU

Bali pre wedding honeymoon photography

These two are obviously having fun... photographed by: MARTIN DEWATA

Authentic & genuine!

To get photos that are authentic and genuine your photographer needs to work closely with you.

Your photographer needs to have the ability to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Because most couples are rather ‘camera shy’ and often feel uncomfortable to pose for photos.

But that is not as easy as it may sound.

Often Bali pre-wedding photographers will bring their couples to locations where there are lots of other people around. And most couples are rather reluctant to show affection in public.

But this very affection makes for highly emotional photographs.

Therefore, it is much more conducive if your Bali wedding photographer brings you to quiet locations that are off the beaten track. Because with nobody else around you are more likely to relax and to ease up.

This kind of setting usually allows for photographs that show the pure you.

Let’s see some more examples of pure & authentic Bali pre-wedding photographs.


style pre-wedding photographers Bali

emotional wedding photography at its Best... by: MICHELLE PASTEL

style pre-wedding photographers Bali

Electrifying.... by: JO YU

Many Bali pre-wedding photographers are very ‘old-skool’

There is certainly no shortage of pre-wedding photographers in Bali. A simple search for: 'photographers in Bali' on Google or Social Media will bring up hundreds of results.

Most of them generate the same, rather uninspiring heavily posed photographs that are so yesteryear.?

Therefore, it is daunting to go through hundreds of portfolios of Bali photographers only see the same images over and over and over and over… yawn…

However, if your preferences are more in line with the trend to authentic & pure pre-wedding photos then your choices become much narrower.

Because Bali photographers who have the skills to craft photographs that bring out the best in you are still rare.

This is why I have prepared this article for you.?

But I have to forewarn you. Creating such deeply emotional and authentic photographs is a unique skill. So the rates of photographers who have mastered this are not cheap.

But it is not cheap photography what you looking for, right?

You prefer good over cheap, don’t you? ?


Three Bali pre-wedding photographers you need to check out

The good news is that there are also Bali pre-wedding photographers who can give you photos that have this authenticity and uniqueness you are looking for.

Of course, they will also give you photographs of the natural beauty of Bali and the beautiful environments that Bali has to offer.

In the following, I would like to introduce to you three outstanding Bali photographers who will not disappoint you.

All the photographers I am presenting you in the following are distinguished members of the:


These photographers work without hidden fees and tricks that have become all too common in Bali.

best Bali pre-wedding photographer


Michelle is the undisputed master of highly emotional photography. It is not by chance that his style has been termed as ‘emotive photography’.

He is a multiple award-winning photographer with a very impressive portfolio. His communications skills are exceptional. He speaks 5 languages fluently.

His photographs have a vintage touch as he does everything manually. No digital tricks.

His passion for the craft of photography goes so far that he only uses manual equipment such as 30–50 year-old vintage lenses.

Rather than me describing Michelle’s fantastic photography let me show his work which speaks for itself.

best Bali pre-wedding photographer

The beauty of Bali & the beauty of love - photographed by: MICHELLE PASTEL

best Bali pre-wedding photographer

Genuine & authentic emotions... Photo by: MICHELLE PASTEL

best Bali pre-wedding photographer

100% PURE... Captured by: MICHELLE PASTEL

best Bali pre-wedding photographer

Casual & relaxed... Unmistakably by: MICHELLE PASTEL

Many couples have remarked what a rewarding experience it was working with Michelle and his fantastic team.

Michelle also spends considerable time to edit and enhance your photographs. All by hand.

And it shows in his flawless photographs. Yet his photos never look over-edited or artificial.

The only downside is: his fees are rather on the high side.

And he is often not available because only accepts very few bookings.

He explained to me that this is necessary to maintain the highest level of artistry and service. Otherwise, he would burn out quickly, he said…

If you are interested in hiring Michelle as your photographer in Bali you can contact him over his website.


Jo Yu Bali pre wedding photographer

In only a few years Jo Yu has risen to fame and glory among Bali’s pre-wedding & honeymoon photographers.

With his outgoing and relaxed personality, he connects very well with his couples. Which in turn allows him to portray couples in their most natural way.

He brings couples to locations that are far away from crowded tourist areas. He chooses locations to highlight the beautiful and natural environment that Bali is known for.

Empty beaches, lovely rice field, and forest locations, as well as places with Bali’s famous architecture, are all part of his repertoire.

But above all, it is his ability to let couples be themselves and relax in front of the lens that has made him so popular.

Let’s see some of Jo Yu's pictures, shall we?


Bali honeymoon photographer Jo Yu

Fun & Laughter... by: JO YU

Bali honeymoon photographer Jo Yu

100% pure fun... by: JO YU

Bali honeymoon photographer Jo Yu

Couples as they truly are. By: JO YU

Bali honeymoon photographer Jo Yu

A candid moment of intimacy. captured by: JO YU

Bali honeymoon photographer Jo Yu

Joyful until the sun sets. photographed by: JO YU

In spite of Jo’s ever-increasing popularity his Bali photo tour packages are still affordable and within reach of most couples. His work is particularly in demand with couples from Singapore and other regions in South East Asia.

If you are interested in hiring Jo Yu as your photographer in Bali you can contact him over his website.


Bali pre-wedding photographer Martin Dewata


To say that Martin’s photography has been popular with brides and couples would be an understatement.

In fact, in the last 4,5 years, Martin has become one of Bali’s most popular photographers for weddings and for pre-wedding & honeymoon photography.

Martin’s work is ideal for couples who want a mix of the traditional Bali pre-wedding photography combined with emotionally engaging photographs.

Let’s see some examples of his fantastic work first:


Martin Dewata Pre wedding photographer Bali

beautiful Bali - beautiful people. Captured by: MARTIN DEWATA

Martin Dewata Pre wedding photographer Bali

Just natural... Photography by: MARTIN DEWATA

Martin Dewata Pre wedding photographer Bali

The magic happens when you have fun & joy. By: MARTIN DEWATA

Martin Dewata’s packages are all-inclusive with dress rental as well as makeup & hair.

Surprisingly Martin’s fees are still affordable and most likely within reach of your budget for a Bali pre-wedding photographer.

If you are interested in hiring Martin Dewata as your photographer in Bali you can contact him over his website.

Well, I hope I have provided you with some inspiration for your pre-wedding or honeymoon photographs in Bali. As always, if you have any questions please leave a comment below.

And if you want me to help you find a photographer who can create this kind of photographs please click on the button below:

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