Adrian Agung Bali wedding photographer


Brides, couples today I am very excited to present you another professional Bali wedding photographer. Namely: Adrian Agung.

He happens to also be a distinguished member of the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS.

And a Bali wedding photographer who has taken the wedding world in Bali by storm.


Life’s most precious moments

Hardly surprising when you look at his fantastic portfolio. Adrian is a truly talented and gifted Bali wedding photographer. His work is all about: Life’s most precious moments.

And indeed he excels in capturing the most defining moments of a couple’s Bali wedding in pictures that will leave you speechless.
But see for yourself: 


Bali Wedding Photographer Adrian Agung

Those defining moments

Bali Wedding Photographer

Photographing you from your best side

Bali Wedding Photographer vintage style

Moments of joy

Bali Wedding Photographer VSCO style

Just perfect

Bali Wedding Photographer film style

You may not even notice you being photographed

Bali Wedding Photographer film style

Moments to remember for life


A Bali wedding photographer who is surprisingly affordable

When I first saw Adrian Agung’s wedding portfolio I thought his services will come with a rather high price tag.

But to my surprise, his services are pretty affordable.

How long this will remain I can’t say because usually once a Bali wedding photographer achieves success prices tend to go up. Who can blame them…

While his Bali wedding photography packages are not 'dirt cheap' his services are still in reach of those couples who do not want to spend an arm and a leg for their Bali wedding photographer. Yet have great photographs to proudly show to friends and family.


Bali Wedding Photographer film style

Will you marry me now ?

Bali Wedding Photographer vintage style

Always the right perspective

Bali Wedding Photographer film

Natural & unposed

Bali Wedding Photographer VSCO style

Fun & effortless

Bali Wedding Photographer film style

Simple yet elegant


Wedding Photojournalism in film-look / VSCO style

Adrian's photographs have a slight vintage touch. Also known as VSCO style. 

A style that is nowadays very much in vogue and hugely popular with couples throughout the world.

Whatever that style may be called I think the most distinguished feature of Adrian’s work is his meticulous attention to detail. Photographing the right moment and from the right angle.

It's hard to describe so let’s better see some more work of Adrian:


Bali Wedding Photographer

Preserved for a lifetime

flim look Bali Wedding Photographe

Always in the right light

Bali Wedding Photographer analog style

Not a split second too early or too late

Bali Wedding Photographer with film

Memories for life !

Bali Wedding Photographer

Perfectly framed

Bali Wedding Photographer vintage style

Unconventional perspectives


Get two photographers for the price of one !

Adrian always comes with a 2nd photographer to all weddings he photographs.

He explained to me: for him, it is crucial not to miss any important moments. But sometimes those moments can happen at two places at the same time.

Example: the ladies getting ready and the gents getting ready at another location.

Or sometimes to get the very best shots of a moment it is best to capture those fleeting moments from two angles at the same time.
And obviously, a photographer cannot be in two places at the same time.

Adrian therefore not only works with just any apprentice 2nd photographer but a guy who works in exactly the same style and with the same vision as Adrian himself.

I guess that must be one of the reasons why Adrian’s portfolios are so full with special ‘moments’ that leave you in awe:

Bali Wedding Photographer film style

Spot on...

Bali Wedding Photographer

A moment of love.

flim-look Bali Wedding Photographer

Capturing the beauty of your wedding venue

VSCO Bali Wedding Photographer

Like a whisper in your ear...

Bali Wedding Photographer analog camera

Adrian is a master of the light

Bali Photographer film vsco

Photographing also the spirit that defines Bali


Photography from the sidelines – candid and natural

Adrian went on to explain to me that for him it is very important to work from the sidelines and let the wedding and the couple be center-stage.

He, therefore, works very unobtrusively, which in turn results in very natural looking, un-posed photographs.

However, Adrian is also a very good communicator and will provide directions when it is necessary or can yield better photographs.

This can be very important especially during the photo session that usually is done after the ceremony and before the reception.

His humorous nature will put shy couples and couples who are not that comfortable being photographed at ease.


The finest gear and excellent client services

Adrian told me that for him it is very important to come with very fine photographic equipment and to always have backup equipment in the bag in case something fails.

Together with his second photographer they usually bring 4 cameras and an assortment of the finest lenses.

Adrian prefers to work with natural light so you will not be distracted by constant bursts of flash being ‘unleashed’ upon you and your guests.

So I asked him how he photographs after the sun has set. He explained that nowadays by using the finest photographic equipment he can make photographs that are merely lit by candles or other low light sources without an additional light source.

And indeed, his evening / reception photographs look refreshingly different. Simply better than most others.

But not to worry he may also use additional light sources should it absolutely necessary. So you wont miss out on anthing

Here are some more examples of Adrian's work:


Adrian Agung professional Bali wedding photographer

Never boring.

Adrian Agung professional Bali wedding photographer

Photographing from afar

Adrian Agung professional Bali wedding photographer

Seeing situations - that is what defines Adrian's work

Adrian Agung professional Bali wedding photographer

Never missing the 'Bali element'

Adrian Agung professional Bali wedding photographer

Moments of anticipation









or visit the website of ADRIAN AGUNG



    the pictures are what I really want to get on my wedding day,
    such a perfect angle he always got in those

  2. Vaida

    Adrian was a photographer at my friends wedding, and oh dear – he did amazing job there! I just had a quick look and can say that yes, it was delivered 150% from what was expected! Love your style Adrian, keep on good work going 🙂


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