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Ladies, do you want an Aussie wedding planner who personally takes care of all your wedding planning? A planner that speaks your language and understands your concerns? A planner that can take the burden of planning a perfect wedding in Bali for you and who finds you the bes deals?  Then Tristan from BALI BRIDES may just be that person you were looking for.


Ladies, I am super excited to introduce to you the latest member of the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS

Meet Tristan from BALI BRIDES – Wedding & Event planning.

Tristan is actually a ‘Kiwi’ who moved to Aussie at an early age, before settling in Bali a few years ago.

I have seen Tristan applying her fairy dust to countless weddings in Bali; all of which were dream weddings beyond her client’s imagination.

Tristan knows how to arrange events, as she has been studying this. But, what’s more important is, that Tristan was herself once a Bali bride. Because of that she knows the challenges of trying to arrange a destination wedding from overseas.

She had endured the pain of incompetent vendors, venues not replying her emails and other things that can make the ‘adventure’ of a Bali wedding so challenging and daunting…

Ever since Tristan first visited Bali, she immediately felt a deep connection with our magical island.

All this combined made her move to Bali and set up a wedding planning business.

Fast forward to today. BALI BRIDES has become a well-established wedding planning business in Bali.




The majority of Tristan’s couples stem from Australia. Which is no wonder as she specifically targets clients from ‘down-under’.

And Aussies will feel at home with Tristan and her services. For instance, Aussies can pay in Aussie $ without the need for expensive currency exchanges.

Tristan, through her network in Australia, can also help you to make arrangements for the legal paperwork in Australia.

I was particularly impressed by the highly personal services that Tristan provides. She personally answers all the emails and attends to all the important details herself.




Whether it is a lavish villa wedding, a fabulous hotel wedding or an intimate beach wedding, BALI BRIDES can make it happen for you.

To contact Tristan, please press the button.



And check out her website.

Happy Wedding



  1. Graham Warrellow

    One of those beautiful beach wedding, thanks!

    • Wilten

      Glad you like it!

  2. Dina

    Hi !
    Am having a wedding on
    Date : 29th April 2017
    Venue : Villa Karang Putih ,Desa Kutuh
    Guests : 350 pax
    Theme : White & Gold Classic Chic
    Akad Nikah Muslim ceremony followed by
    Dinner reception (outdoor) in the Villa’s premise
    Please advise on your packages
    Looking forward to your soonest reply


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