Over the last few years I have seen a clear trend of more and more couples seeking a wedding experience in harmony with nature.Bali with its natural tropical beauty has several locations where couples can immerse themselves in nature.And for this kind of wedding experience, a Bali waterfall wedding is a highly popular choice for many discerning couples.

But there are a few things you need before you decide on a Bali Waterfall Wedding.

That has prompted us here at the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS to share with you what you need to know to have a perfect Bali waterfall wedding.

Firstly let me show you two wonderful videos of how your Bali waterfall wedding could look like:



And here some photographs to wet your taste-budds:



Bali's most popular waterfall wedding venue - photo by Jo Yu


in perfect harmony with Bali's beautiful tropical environment - photo by Jo Yu


with beautiful decor - photo by Jo Yu


Bali Waterfall Weddings are best suited for elopement and very small weddings


If you plan on having more than a handful of guests then waterfall weddings are out of the question.

There are several reasons for that. The main ones being that the actual place where your ceremony will take place is very small. You cannot set up an aisle and chairs there.

The space is just big enough for 2-6 guests standing.

You also cannot have a reception or dinner at the waterfall location.

Therefore, most couples opt to have their dinner in the evening in a restaurant in their hotel or in one of the countless restaurant options that exist in Ubud.



pure tropical wedding bliss - photo by Jo Yu


Locations of BALI WATERFALL WEDDING venues


Although Bali has at least 10 waterfall locations there are only 2,3 that are suitable for you to have a wedding there.

Because some of Bali’s waterfalls are in very remote regions making them impossible to have a wedding there. The Bali waterfall wedding venues are all in the Gianyar regency.

So, it is a good idea for you to stay in Ubud, which is located at the heart of Gianyar regency. Because Ubud is close by and you will find plenty of accommodation options for all budgets.

Please note the waterfall wedding venues in Bali are rather difficult to access. From the place where the car will drop you off to the actual wedding venue, you will have to descent over small narrow and steep stairs.

Also, you better be in relatively good shape because those waterfall wedding locations will require you to walk from the parking area down to the actual waterfall over several hundred stairs.

High heels are out of the question ladies!

I also caution you against using a large elaborate wedding dress that restricts your movement.

Some more photos, shall we ?



Perfect for the most romantic weddings in Bali - photo by Jo Yu


Simple, yet understated elegance - photo by Jo Yu


The moment you have been waiting for - photo by Jo Yu


BALI WATERFALL WEDDING venues are all public places


All the waterfalls in Bali are in public places. And the ones that are suitable for weddings are also very popular tourist spots.

Consequently, they get very crowded because visiting a waterfall in Bali is often part of the buckets list of travellers.

And of course, everyone wants to have a photo with the waterfall in the background. That makes it therefore impossible for weddings to take place while the waterfall is open to the public.

But the good news is that the authorities allow having weddings there either early in the morning before tourists can enter or late in the afternoon after the place gets closed for public.

I do not recommend the afternoon slot though because the waterfalls are closed relatively late and you may have barely enough light to have your wedding photographed let alone even have a short photo session.

That is why most couples book the morning slot.

Being late is not an option Ladies. Because if you are then you will need to say your vows with hordes of tourists around.

Therefore, ladies be prepared to get up very early. Because you need to have your makeup & hair done before leaving your hotel.

Please note there are no facilities at the waterfall wedding locations to have your makeup and hair done there.

There is not even a toilet down there. So make sure you take care of that ‘business’ beforehand.



Time to pop the champagne... - photo by Jo Yu


Photos that you will cherish for a lifetime - photo by Jo Yu


OMG does this feel good... - photo by Jo Yu


I wish this moment would last forever - photo by Jo Yu


Bali Waterfall wedding venues are ideal for romantic photos


Bali waterfall weddings are perfect for great photos. Because the waterfall locations are amid Bali’s lush greenery you can find some very nice photo locations nearby.

Another factor that will make your photographs magical is because the pictures will be taken early in the morning when the light has a magical quality.

Most couples choose to have also some of their photos taken in the stunning rice terraces close by.

So, extending your photo package by an hour or so will be a good idea.



beautiful surroundings - photo by Jo Yu


If you also want photos on the beach then you will need to book even more time with your photographer. Because it takes an hour or more to reach a beach from those BALI WATERFALL WEDDING venues.

However, having a Bali waterfall wedding is no guarantee for perfect photos. The lighting conditions can be very challenging there.

Therefore, I highly recommend you make sure to check the portfolio of your chosen photographer and see if his style resonates well with you.

Stay away from cheap package photographers. You would not be the first bride to learn the hard way that this so affordable photographer that came of a package has messed up your wedding photos.

And you will not be able to redo your wedding photos…



YES ! We did it... - photo by Jo Yu


Only in Bali - photo by Jo Yu


amid rice paddies and coconut trees... photo by Jo Yu




There you have it ladies (and gents). Now you know all there is to know for a perfect BALI WATERFALL WEDDING.

Of course, we here at the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS can help you with your BALI WATERFALL wedding. Please click on the button below and let us send you more infos and a quote.


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