Nowadays many brides like a slightly nostalgic look for their wedding photographs.

Many of us have become tired and bored of pixel-perfect photos that lack a feeling of authenticity.

We don’t want photos that look so digital with overly strong colors and super high contrast.

Many brides prefer photos that whisper to us and touch our heart, instead of photos that scream look here.

In short: We want photographs that touch our soul.❤️


If this sounds like you then I have found the perfect photographer for your wedding in Bali.

Meet Jo Yu, a distinguished member of the


As part of our Bali wedding photographer reviews let see some photos by Jo Yu first:


review bali wedding photographer

Natural, unposed candid moments.

Review good Bali wedding photographers

Captivating Black & White photos

Bali Destination wedding photographers

Always in the right moment...

Ubud wedding photographer review

Documenting the way it happened.

Best Bali wedding photographer review

Showing you in the best light




If you review the work of many Bali wedding photographers you will quickly find yourself amid a stream of similar-looking standard, average photography that look so yesteryear.

In Bali, there is little creativity or innovation to create photographs that brides want nowadays.

Therefore, I am introducing to you a photographer as part of my Bali wedding photographer reviews who is refreshingly different.

Different in many ways.

Jo rose to fame because of his contemporary style of wedding photography and his innovative approach to providing outstanding and unique customer experiences to couples.

His work quickly found acceptance among brides looking for photography that matches the current ‘Zeitgeist’.

Looking at Jo’s work you will certainly notice what characterizes his work is not only the trendy film-look style, but more importantly the authentic way he portrays weddings and the people and their emotions.

Let me show you more examples:


Testimonial Jo Yu photographer

A keen eye for the small details

Jo Yu review

Images you will cherish for a lifetime

Reviews Bali wedding photographer Jo Yu

Unforgettable moments of pure joy...

Wedding photographer Bali Jo Yu review

Always there capture it as it unfolds


Candid & natural Bali wedding photographer


Jo Yu was one of the first photographers in Bali who started to work in this authentic analog-film-look style. Photographs that have a nostalgic feeling and look.

Jo Yu’s style is also characterized by a strong emphasis on emotions. Whereby of course the emotions between bride & groom take center stage. But Jo is also very sensitive towards the bride’ and groom’s interactions with family and friends.

Jo Yu’s sophisticated style of photography is undoubtedly very much influenced by the master from whom Jo learned his craft.

Namely MICHELLE PASTEL, who is widely recognized as one of Bali’s most outstanding wedding photographers. If you want the best of the best you can learn more about Michelle Pastel in an upcoming article about Bali wedding photographers reviews.

Let’s see some more photographs of Jo Yu’s captivating photography:


Client review JoYu photographer

Also about those 'quiet' moments

Jo Yu client reviews

Always focusing on the essence...

Client testimonials Jo Yu Photo

Until the last light fades...

Jo Yu client critiques

It is about you...

Online review Jo Yu Bali photographer

sometimes leaving you to wonder...


Outstanding client experiences – raving fans


Jo Yu is a distinguished member of the ?️?️SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS?️?️.

While doing my research for this series of Bali wedding photographer reviews it quickly became apparent that many of the services Jo provides are very unique and certainly helpful.

From the first time you make first contact with Jo until the day you will receive the final photographs working with Jo will be an extraordinary and very rewarding experience.

Because Jo Yu is known to walk that extra mile to make couples not only happy but to turn them into raving fans.

For instance, Jo let’s you choose the editing style of your photographs. You can choose between different looks for your wedding photos.

Jo will also prepare for you remarkable presentation of your photos. So that you can share your wedding photographs in style.  That will make your photos stand out from the crowd on Social Media.

For this Jo Yu can prepare for you stylish Instagram stories, IGTV videos and YouTube versions of your wedding.

All this will make you proud and will earn you the admiration of your family and friends.

Here are some testimonials from couples who had chosen Jo Yu as their Bali wedding photographer:


Jo Yu Bali wedding photographer testimonials Jo Yu Bali wedding photographer testimonials Jo Yu Bali wedding photographer testimonials Jo Yu Bali wedding photographer testimonials Jo Yu Bali wedding photographer testimonials Jo Yu Bali wedding photographer testimonials Jo Yu Bali wedding photographer testimonials Jo Yu Bali wedding photographer testimonials


You can see all reviews of Jo Yu’s past couples on his Facebook page.

Many couples choose to follow Jo Yu on Instagram many months before their wedding as an inspiration. And Jo told me that many couples choose to continue to be followers on Instagram, even after the wedding.

That good is Jo Yu’s photography.?


Choose the editing style and the look & feel of your photos


In the following I will introduce you to Jo’s very innovative way of serving couples.

One very unique aspect of Jo’s outstanding services is within 48 hours after your wedding Jo will send you a series of photographs from your wedding day. Typically, around 10 photos.

Nothing special I hear you say… Many photographers provide such a ‘sneak peak’ preview.


But Jo goes a step further.

The photos Jo will send you come in 3-4 different editing styles. You can then choose which ‘look & feel’ you want for your individual wedding photos.

To show you what I mean please see the following examples which Jo gave me for my research for Bali wedding photographer reviews.


Bali photographer film look

Choose a film look that you like

Bali photographer film look


Bali photographer film look

Bali photographer film look

Film look photographer Bali

Timeless - classic images

Film look photographer Bali

Bali film photographer

Bali film photographer


Wedding albums in the form of Instagram Stories / IGTV albums and YouTube albums


Our parent’s generation showed shared their wedding photos in the form of photo albums. But the times have changed and nowadays we prefer to share our experiences online and through Social Media.

Surprisingly very few wedding photographers cater to these changing trends.

Jo Yu though can give you authentic online presentation of your wedding in the form of beautiful Instagram stories, IGTV and YouTube documentations.

This is hard to describe and I, therefore, invite you to head over to Jo Yu’s Instagram page and see Jo’s Instagram stories and his IGTV channel.

You can then have such an album of your Bali wedding on your IG highlights – which Jo can prepare for you.

Or you can also choose to have an IGTV video or as a YouTube album. And you do not even need to book an expensive videographer for this.

Jo Yu creates fantastic and engaging videos from your photographs. Needless to say that this is also a very cost-saving way to also have a video of your wedding.

But of course, you can also choose a conventional photo album. And Jo Yu makes fantastic hand-crafted album with beautiful prints.

If you consider to have an album I recommend you schedule a meeting with Jo and see which options fits you best.

Here are some examples of Jo Yu's animated photo albums:



and here another one





Affordable Bali elopement packages (no wedding planner needed)


Another very unique service that Jo Yu provides is photo tour elopement packages that include a small intimate wedding ceremony also. That is a very cost-effective solution because it helps you saving cost on your Bali elopement.

Most couples understand that for an elopement in Bali it is not necessary to rely on the services of a wedding planner. In fact, one could argue that paying for the services of a planner is actually a waste of money. Because there is not that much that needs to be planned and coordinated.

That has prompted Jo Yu to offer Bali elopement packages. Yes, you read correctly from Jo you can get complete Bali elopement packages that already include the venue, décor, and a ceremony held by a ministrant.

If you may want to explore more about how to have a great elopement wedding in Bali without a wedding planner see this helpful article.

In the following let me show you some photos of couples who booked their Bali elopement packages directly from Jo Yu:







Jo Yu BoHo chic wedding experience package


Jo Yu photography is surprisingly affordable


Well ladies, there you have it. If you are looking for a photographer with amazing images in contemporary style with an unmatched level of services then look no further.

But there is one more benefit I have not shared with you yet. And you will like this a lot.

When I asked Jo for his wedding photography packages I was pleasantly surprised. Why ?

Because with such great photos and such unique services one would expect that Jo’s service are more on the costly side. But no, they aren’t.

Jo’s wedding photography packages are surprisingly affordable.

However, I recommend you make your inquiries with Jo Yu early.

Because to maintain such a high level of artistry Jo Yu only accepts a limited amount of clients per month. Consequently, Jo is often booked out long in advance.

To make an inquiry about Jo Services either press the button below or head over to JO YU’s WEBSITE.


I want a Quote from JO YU Photographer 









In an upcoming article about Bali Wedding Photographer reviews, I will show you some more fantastic Bali wedding photographers.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact me.










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