We all know how important it is to make the right choice for a good photographer for your destination wedding in Bali.

The SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS receives a lot of requests for good photographer recommendations.

After all, the only thing from your wedding that will remain with you for a lifetime are your photos. So you better get them right.

The good news is that there is no shortage of wedding photographers in Bali. The bad news though is that there are too many. Therefore, making the right choice can be overwhelming.



Incorporating the natural beauty of Bali



A happy bride - seen through the lens of Bali photographer: by: MARTIN DEWATA



Martin Dewata Bali's most popular wedding photographer - artistic & playful


Bali wedding photographer reviews for you


A search on Google for wedding photographers in Bali will easily yield hundreds of results. On Instagram or Facebook, you will find even more…

So you will quickly drown in a stream of similar looking photographs making your choice no easier.

With so many fake reviews it is even harder to find the right one for your wedding in Bali.

Therefore, the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS has prepared Bali wedding photographer reviews to help you.

Here are some testimonials about Bali's most popular photographer:



See more reviews on Martin's Facebook page



No other photographer in Bali has so many reviews and recommendations as Martin Dewata


The best way to find the right photographer for your wedding in Bali is to choose a photographer with a proven track record. A photographer about whom past couples are raving through trustworthy reviews and genuine testimonials.

In short: A popular wedding photographer in Bali.


Martin Dewata – the most popular wedding photographer in Bali


After countless hours of research and comparisons, I have singled out the Bali wedding photographer with the most testimonials and reviews from raving past couples.

Meet Martin Dewata, who has chosen the moniker: ‘Simply beautiful’ as his leitmotiv.

Before I ramble on let’s see some of Martin’s fantastic photographs:



Skillfully playing with the warm light of Bali - Martin Dewata Photography



Natural & Candid - Bali wedding photography the way it should be



Always on the lookout for those fleeting moments.


Genuine reviews & testimonials


In this day and age of fake-this and fake-that where buying popularity in the form of Likes and Followers is rampant whom can you trust?

Anyone can easily buy Likes / Followers for a nickel or dime...

Therefore, the most trustworthy Bali wedding photographer reviews come from an unexpected place. Namely Facebook. Yes, Facebook.

Because for any reviews made on Facebook it is easy to dig a bit deeper and see if the reviewer is a real person who indeed had their wedding in Bali. Spotting a fake profile is rather easy.

That is why Facebook reviews & recommendations are actually a pretty good resource and a good measure for the popularity of a Bali wedding photographer.

I have done the research for you/ And the photographer with the most reviews and raving testimonials in Bali clearly is Martin Dewata. You can simply verify this by heading over to Martin Dewata's Facebook page.

You may also want to join the highly popular Facebook group GETTING MARRIED IN BALI, where you can find countless more reviews & testimonials about Martin. All from brides who had him photograph their weddings in Bali.


MARTIN DEWATA - undoubtedly Bali's most popular photographer


There are probably many factors why Martin is so popular. But what it boils down to is:

Great photos – friendly service – quick and convenient delivery.

And that at an affordable price.  

But that is not all. Unlike other wedding photographers in Bali, Martin Dewata comes with a bag filled with professional gear. He does not use cheap equipment but instead relies on top-notch photographic equipment.

He always brings at least 3 cameras and an assortment of lenses. Of course, he is also always accompanied by a 2nd shooter so that no moment of your big day will be missed. Not just a second shooter but a photographer who Martin has trained over the years to work exactly in Martin Dewata’s signature style.

Here are a few photos that illustrate Martin's style impressively: 



A couple getting married at Bvlgari Resort - photo by Martin Dewata



Observing from the sidelines...



Knowing where the best spots are.


Quick beautifully looking photos


Martin is also known for quickly delivering your photographs after the wedding. Typical turn-around time for Martin’s photos is less than a week. 

But that does not mean he rushes the vital aspect of editing and enhancing your wedding photos.

How can he be so quick, I hear you ask.

For post-production and editing work Martin relies on a team of skilled photo editors.  They often work in night shifts to make sure that couples can receive their photos as quickly as possible. That way brides can soon share their wedding photos with friends and family on Social Media and on other platforms.

In the following please see a couple of examples which illustrate how perfectly your photographs will be edited.


Bali-wedding-photo-edited Bali-wedding-photos-edited edited-Bali-wedding-photo edited-Bali-wedding-photos


Incorporating Bali’s fantastic landscapes

Because of his passion for the natural beauty of Bali Martin understand it very well how to incorporate Bali’s stunning landscapes into his photography. Couples always receive a well-balanced mix of photos that document the wedding day and all its moments and emotions on one side. And also photos that highlight the stunning landscapes and vistas for which Bali is known.

In the following please find a selection of photos that show this impressively:



Martin can even arrange a waterfall wedding for you without the need for a wedding planner



A well-balanced mix between the couple and the environment



With hundreds of weddings photographed in Bali Martin knows those most beautiful spots.


Martin and the sunsets of Bali

To say that sunset photos are popular as backdrops for wedding photography would be an understatement. And as we all know Bali is a place with an extraordinarily high amount of spectacular sunsets.

So it is no surprise that Martin always incorporates romantic sunset photos as part of a couple’s wedding day documentation. He will also gladly advise you on the ideal schedule for your wedding day so that you do not miss the sunset period which in Bali can be very short.

Here a few sunset photos from Martin Dewata’s portfolio:



You and the magical light of Bali


Best Bali wedding photographer reviews

It is all about the right moment


Reviews of Bali wedding photographers

Sunsets in Bali come in many different variations.


Popular with clients from across the globe

Martin understands the tastes and preferences of couples from different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, he is equally in demand with Westerns and Asians.

Martin has photographed Chinese, Muslim, Indian, Western, Indonesian and many, many more wedding of all ethnicities and cultures. He has, therefore, a thorough understanding of various wedding customs and traditions from across the globe.


Attention to detail

Martin understands that wedding photos are not only about people and beautiful landscapes. But also about details, accessories, styling elements and all the small stuff that makes your wedding unique.

Photographers who only do the ‘standard’ wedding pictures will miss many vital elements and details that make a complete documentation of your wedding day.

Not so Martin! Any wedding documentation by Martin is never complete without his fantastic ring shots, photos of the dress, the décor and other important aspects of your wedding day in Bali.

In the following a few examples that highlight this:



Martin brings a macro lens to every photoshoot for this lovely ring shots.



Martin finds always a great background for these coveted detail shots



Those hand shots - just lovely


Humor & fun

Another characteristic is Martin’s unique ability to incorporate an element of humor in the photographs he creates for couples. And this humor element never feels fake or unnatural, but candid and spontaneous. This skill distinguishes Martin from other Bali wedding photographers.

A few examples to illustrate Martin's humor side:



1,2,3 JUMP...



run-away bride or what ? ?


This concludes the first part in our series of Bali wedding photographer reviews. Now you know who is the most popular.

If what you are after is a Bali wedding photographer with professional, quick and affordable services then look no further. Martin will be your best choice and the photos he will create for you will certainly not disappoint you.

If you want to learn more about Martin Dewata’s fantastic wedding photography head over to his website, follow Martin Dewata on Instagram or check out his Facebook page.

Or press the button below to make an inquiry to Martin:


Send me Martin's packages nowget a FREE quote








More useful Bali wedding photographer reviews



If you are a fan of artistic wedding photography or if you are looking for particular styles of wedding photography there may be other great photographer choices for you.

We here at the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS are preparing more Bali Wedding Photographer reviews. Which will be published in the coming weeks.

I will reveal to you who are the best wedding photographers in Bali. Who are the most affordable ones. Who are the ones with a particular style that you may be looking for and tonnes of other useful information.

So stay tuned as this will help you find the right photographer for your destination wedding in Bali.


I hope this article will help you to find the right Bali wedding photographer for your wedding in Bali.

As always if you have any questions drop me an email or leave a comment below.


Happy Wedding








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