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Generally, for beach weddings, couples need to select a hotel on a beach. But that is not for everyone.

Why ? Let me explain: A wedding at a hotel in Bali usually means a lack of privacy during your wedding’s proceedings.

You may have unwanted bystanders in their bathers at your ceremony. Or you may need to close your reception at 22.00 h due to noise restrictions. On top of that, hotel packages are often rather inflexible. You may have limited options for décor and other things characterizing your style.




What if there was a beach wedding venue without all the disadvantages of a hotel?

What if there would be a fabulous venue on a beautiful Bali beach that is dedicated to events only? A beachfront venue which gives you all the privacy you may want. And which allows you to customize your wedding exactly as per your likings and preferences.

Such a venue is now available for your dream wedding in Bali.

And it is brought to you by none other that Australia’s most successful destination wedding operator: BOTANICA WEDDINGS.




Taman Bhagavan – brought to you by none other than Botanica Weddings, the same people who created Australia’s most exquisite, multi-award winning destination wedding venue, Villa Botanica in the Whitsundays.

Taman Bhagavan is not only a beautiful beach but also consists of a huge garden with beautiful traditional Indonesian architecture. Countless options exist on how to set up weddings of all sizes there.




Botanica’s highly professional team is there to assist you all the way.
Botanica, being an Australian company, allows you to plan and discuss your wedding with professionals in Australia.
Their team in Bali is also led by seasoned wedding professionals from Australia.




The venue also provides some nice photo spots within the large compound.

It’s location at the heart of Nusa Dua is another great benefit. Because you and your guests can choose from a wide range of accommodation options within only a few minutes’ drive. Some of Bali’s finest hotels are situated here in Nusa Dua.




So ladies, check it out you may well have found your perfect beach wedding venue in Bali.


UPDATE – July 2017: 

We have some wonderful news to share with you. Botanica Bali has just been announced the winner of the 2016 Luxury Travel Guide award for :


The Luxury Travel Guide Awards represent the pinnacle of hospitality achievement, championing the best in their respective fields, whether it’s restaurants, hotels or wedding organisers; therefore to come out on top and be voted the best in all of Indonesia is truly an achievement you should all be proud of.

According to the people running the award, this year has seen an unprecedented number of shortlisted companies, providing strong competition in the wedding category.
So all the most reason to celebrate and feel super proud and confident in the lead up to what is going to be one of our busiest and best end of year seasons ever.
Well done team Botanica!!!


Happy Wedding

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