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10 interesting facts about Bali Beach weddings

  To say that Bali beach weddings are a very popular choice for couples is an understatement.   In fact, we receive so many inquiries and questions about beach weddings in Bali that I thought it is high time to share with you all you need...

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The cost of a Bali Wedding

In this article, we answer our reader’s most burning question: What is the COST OF A BALI WEDDING? We will also compare various options and how you can make your budget get you exactly the destination wedding in Bali you were hoping for.

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Bali Wedding – where to start

This article is for those who have just started to research and plan a wedding in Bali. I will explain you about the different types of weddings in Bali. And all that you need to know. And the important questions you need to ask and answer.

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Payment options from overseas

What is the best and safest way to pay for your wedding in Bali? Especially for the various deposit payments you will need to make. Credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, cash or how? In this article your learn what is the best for you.

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Bali Villa weddings – cheaper than you thought !

Spectacular views, complete privacy, unmatched luxury and comfort; plus complete freedom and individuality to design your wedding. These are the ingredients of a Bali villa wedding. This must be expensive you may think, right? I have good news for you: BALI VILLA WEDDINGS ARE NOT MORE EXPENSIVE THAN WEDDINGS AT OTHER VENUES

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How to budget for a Bali wedding

Brides, you have told me over and over that the budget question is the most important one for you. So what does it cost to have a wedding in Bali ? What are the real cost components ? So how to budget for a Bali wedding ? In this article I will explain all this to you.

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Cost of a Bali wedding video

In this day and age of YouTube and HD television Bali wedding videos are becoming increasingly popular. And there are quite a few wedding video companies for you to choose from. But you need to be aware that the quality of wedding videos in Bali can vary a lot.

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Cost of a wedding in Bali – Villa Weddings

For many couples the ultimate dream is a villa wedding. And indeed Bali villa weddings tend to be the most spectacular ones. However, there is a lot of confusion about what such a villa wedding costs. And that is exactly what I am going explain to you in this article.

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Cost of a wedding in Bali – Hotel and Resort weddings

There are several hundred hotels & resorts in Bali. Many of those offer weddings and wedding packages. So, how much should you expect to pay for such a packages. And what do you need to consider for a wedding in a hotel or resort. In this article you will find answers to all these questions

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Cost of a Bali chapel wedding

Chapel weddings in Bali are very popular. There are now over 15 wedding chapels in Bali. So the obvious question is: ‘How much does a chapel wedding in Bali cost?”. In this article we will explain the cost for a chapel wedding in Bali and what you need to know.

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Cost of a wedding in Bali – Catering

For those holding their wedding at a villa the questions of catering is an important one. That is because catering can be one of the biggest parts of your budget. So let’s see what it is going to cost you.

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Cost of a wedding in Bali – Flowers & Decor

Flowers & Decor are part of every wedding. And those flowers & decor will greatly influence how your wedding will look like. This is the 2nd part of a multi-part series of articles about the cost of a wedding in Bali. Before reading this article we recommend that you have read the first part in this series.

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Cost of a Bali Wedding – Part One

This is the first in a series of articles that will explain you everything about the cost of a wedding in Bali. Inform yourself thoroughly so that you can make well-informed decisions about your wedding in Bali and avoid getting ripped off.

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