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Ladies, I am very excited to present to you an outstanding new local Bali wedding photographer: Jo Yu. He is the latest member of the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS. Finally, a female photographer in Bali who offers this much-coveted classic, film-look style.


Jo Yu skillfully creates wedding photographs in film photography style!

And not only does she create pictures that look as if they were shot with film, but she also uses the similar equipment which great photographers of the classic analog film area have used.


Pictures that touch the soul…

On her website, Jo Yu film look photographer, uses the slogan: ‘…pictures that touch the soul’. And indeed I was touched when for the first time I reviewed Jo’s fantastic work. Her pictures have a certain something that is hard to describe, but easy to fall in love with once you have seen it.


Not your average ‘Spray & Pray’ photographer…

What am I talking about ? ‘Spray & pray’ is an expression used to refer to the method of photographing as many as possible photographs and then praying some will turn out good.

And this way of photographing is all too common among Bali’s countless wanna-be photographers.

Jo is not one of them. Looking at her photographs one can see he seeks out the most favorable angles and skillfully plays with the light. She is a true master of her craft.

Not one of Bali’s countless boys with a camera around the neck.


So who is Jo Yu for (and for whom not) ?…

Not every bride likes her wedding photographs in digital perfection.

It’s all over the Internet and on top international wedding and bridal websites. The trend back to film look photography.

Less saturated colors, slightly tinted photographs, photographs with a grainy structure - pictures with a soul.

If this style is what you are looking for then Jo Yu film look photographer is your best choice for you.

Whereas if you like tack-sharp images with strong and vivid colors then Jo’s work is definitely not for you.


Classic & timeless photography…

Jo has studied architecture and photography. And she was the last generation of photographers who still got their hands wet in the darkroom. She was privileged to learn the classic way of creating photographs on film.

Jo is a quiet person. A keen observer. And she definitely has the eye for details, emotions and candid moments. All the traits you would want in your wedding photographer.

Jo is also not the right photographer if you want your photos two, three days after the wedding. Because Jo takes time to edit to achieve this classic film look. So you’ll have to be a bit patient. But I assure you it will be worth the wait.


Surprisingly affordable…

And now comes the part which will sound like music to your ears. Jo Yu’s film look photographer is surprisingly affordable. Considering the amount of work that goes into editing the photos she is a real bargain, actually…

‘Nuff of me rambling on… The prove is in the pudding or so they say. So, in the following I leave you with some of those wonderful images that Jo creates:


filmlook-photography in Bali

The child's eyes... OMG - for more of this fantastic shoot click here.

Bali film photographer

The child's eyes... OMG - for more of this fantastic shoot click here.

analog film photographer

Bali in all its beauty. For more of this wedding please click here .

analog film photographer

For more film-look of this fantastic wedding please click here


For more film photos of this please click here

old style photographer

For more film photographs of this wedding please click here

Bali Vintage photography

For more vintage photographs click here



Ladies, I hope you have enjoyed the photographs above. And who knows, you may have just found your dream photographer for your wedding in Bali.

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Happy Wedding







To see more of Jo’s photography please head over to Jo Yu film look photographer website.


  1. Leo & Sarah

    Thank Jo Yu for the photos, they are amazing. So happy with them 😍😍. Can’t stop looking at them.
    All the best to you and keep doing the amazing work that you do.

    • Jameela T.

      Leo, Sarah. Thank you so much for your feedback at Jo Yu. I am very happy to hear that you were deeply satisfied with his services. Hardly surprising when you see those wonderful images he and his team have created for you.
      All the Best.

  2. Veronika & David

    Hey guys, grooms or brides 😉

    We have decided to get married during our round the world journey and chose Jo Yu of the specific style and ability to catch the real moment and emotions. Everything was great, everyone from the team very kind, discussion on details went really smooth.. and the capturing itself during our day was really great. Very natural, no stress at all, like we had been friends already for some time. The result made us very happy, after we printed our photos, it’s exactly what we wanted for such a special day of our lives.

    Well if you are considering to have any important occasion in Bali and would like anyone to join you to capture your very special moments, do not miss Jo Yu! 😉

    Have a wonderful day

    PS: Jo, if you are reading this, thank you soo much again. It’s been real honor to us to have have you there .

    • Jameela T.

      Hello David,

      Thank you so much for choosing our wonderful Bali as your wedding destination. Thank you also for sharing your kind words about your great experiences with Jo Yu as your photographer.

      All the Best and we hope to see you again in Bali one day.
      Jameela Tey.

  3. Vin&Von

    We want to thank Jo for capturing one of the most beautiful moments of our lives!
    He is a real professional with lots of ideas and advice! ….and a lot of fun to work with him!
    We highly recommend Jo for your wedding pictures!

    Kind regards,


  4. Thibaud & Elsa

    Jo Yu is more than extremely talented, she is also patient and inspired. All that can be expected to capture the best day of your life. Thanks a lot!

    • Jameela T.

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with Jo Yu. He is indeed one of Bali’s best wedding photographers. Your fantastic photos are a testimony to that.
      Jameela Tey

  5. Milda

    Jo is indeed a very talented and professional photographer! We could not be happier with our choice! The communication was great, fast response and very informative. Jo really listened to us and helped us plan our shoot. On the day Jo and the team were absolutely phenomenal- everything was sorted out for us, we had a great time, felt very relaxed and the atmosphere was simply great ! Finally we chose Jo because of the beautiful, film look style of his photography and when we saw the outcome of our shoot we were incredibly happy! The photos capture and portray the true emotions and special moments of that day, they are so sophisticated, elegant and beyond our expectations. They really are the kind you see in the magazines! Finally, Jo is so humble, hard working and very pleasant to work with – we honestly had fun shooting so highly recommend!

    Thank you so much for making our special day last forever in timeless photos!

    Milda and Andrius

    • Jameela T.

      Dear Milda & Andrius,

      I am so happy to read your lines. Thank you so much for hosting your wedding in Bali. Your wedding photographs look great. And I also can hardly contain my excitement on what a beautiful wedding you had. Indeed Jo Yu has captured the essence of your wedding brilliantly.

      All the Best
      Jameela Tey

  6. Melea Wright

    Jo Yu really made me comfortable on the day as I am very camera shy and awkward haha! I felt his team really cared about getting the best shots they could and they certainly did! We have some amazing photos, can’t wait to hang them in our house 😍 so professional and friendly! Definitely recommend 🙌🏼

    • Jameela T.

      Thank you so much for hosting your wedding in Bali. And thank you also for sharing your experiences with Jo Yu… The photos speak for themselves… absolutely wonderful.

  7. Emma

    Hey Jo and Team, Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures of Our Wedding Day. It was an amazing experience and I’m so glad you were able to capture our day the way you did. Thankyou so much for all the help leading up to the day and such fast responses to emails with any question or concerns we had about the day and after. We love the candid natural shots and the sunsets shots turned out amazing!
    Thanks again for the wonderful experience.
    Emma and Patrick

    • Jameela T.

      Dear Emmma,

      Thank you so much for hosting your wedding in wonderful Bali. I am glad to hear that you had such a great experience with Jo as your photographer. I have seen your photos and they look great indeed.

  8. Krisztina

    We are really happy that we chose Jo to be our photographer. We knew that wedding photos always look nice (sometimes not) but the ones he made are really above the standards. We would never thought that he can “catch the moment” so perfectly. He and his team made the day more memorable. We look like a real prince and princess in these pictures.

    • Jameela T.

      Thank you Krizstina for hosting your wedding in Bali. Your photographs are indeed great. And I am so glad you choose Jo Yu. He is amazingly talented.
      Jameela Tey

  9. Jenny Oscarsson

    Jo Yu is a really passionate photographer. He is also very understanding and flexible. I took my photos when I unfortunately was sick with fewer.Jo Yu made me understand that I was in charge and that I decided when to rest and where to go. He asked many times how I felt and his team was very understanding that dates was shifted due to my health and that we altered the photo destinations.
    I am extremely happy with the results and that I look like a princess.
    Thanks for being so caring understanding and still take amazing shots!
    Best regards Jenny

    • Jameela T.

      Hi Jenny,

      Thank you so much for this wonderful testimonial. I am very glad that you had such a wonderful experience with Jo Yu.
      We hope to welcome you again in beautiful Bali.

      Jameela Tey

  10. Janette Higginson

    Had a really nice day with Jo Yu. He is an excellent choice in bali photographer.

    • Jameela T.

      Great Janette. I am very happy to hear that you were thrilled with Jo’s photography. He is indeed a great photographer. Also thanks for hosting your wedding in Bali.

  11. Phi

    Hello fellow brides!

    I say brides cuz i believe it is the bride who cares about the photos more! 🙂 (At least in my case, as my husband can take anything but I am quite demanding on photo quality)

    So, all i can say is Jo Yu’s wonderful and he is very talented. I love all the emotions he captured and his photos are exceptional. I do like his style looking at his portfolio here already, that’s why i got Jo as my main photographer on my big day. I couldn’t be happier on the outcome of my photos and I have no hesitation to recommend Jo Yu as your wedding photographer. Plus, he is easy to work with and he is a nice guy!

    And finally Jo, sorry for only writing this now after 4 months as i am so tied with work and stuff but i didn’t forget you! Good work and talents need to be appreciated and spread. Keep going Jo! You will go far my wedding day photographer!

    Thanks for bringing us the wonderful experiences in working with you.

    Best Regards,

    • Wilten

      Dear Phi,

      We are so happy you choose Jo Yu! He is definitely a very talented photographer, can’t wait to see your photos published on his website or social media! 🙂

  12. Seulki

    Hey Jo! Thank you so much for those beautiful pictures. It was more than what we actually expected! Specially thanks for your passinated effort on us. To guided us to amazing places in Amed, stayed overtime with us to take shots for the special moments. Mael and me were stunned when we receiced the photos from you and we are very happy now 🙂
    Once again, thank you thank you thank you and we really hope to see you again in bali:)

    Kind regards,

    Seulki & Maël

    • Jameela T.

      Thank you guys !! Indeed Jo is a remarkable talent… so happy for you that he did photograph your wedding…

  13. Heather and Jay

    Oh my gosh Jo Thank you so much for these amazing pictures!!!! And thank you for your guidance! You have captured some of the most special moments of our lives. Thank you for what you do!

    Heather and Jay


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