Luxurious Bali Villa Wedding – Rob & Natalie

Conceived, planned and coordinated by:  Jameela & Team    |    Photography: by DOMINIK PHOTOGRAPHY

Luxurious Bali villa wedding

Luxurious Bali villa wedding

Natalie was a bride that was well prepared, well informed and someone who had a very good idea about what she wanted for her luxurious Bali Villa Wedding.  She had even conceived a title for her wedding:  JOURNEYS . Being herself in the creative industries she was very particular about looks and decor. The list of Must Have / Must be included:
  • a luxurious Bali villa wedding overlooking the ocean
  • all white dress code for the guests
  • the couple at the altar and the guests must overlook the ocean / unobstructed ocean view
  • meticulous attention to details , specially about décor , table setups, etc…
  • a reception that is ‘a feast for the senses’
  • some touch/flavor of Bali
This luxurious Bali villa wedding took place in a very large villa north of Canggu. The villa is located on a 1.6 hectare beach front location.  HUGE !! It has about 200 meters beach front.  The villas gardens are so large that they can accommodate a wedding with over 500 people or more. Our client’s wedding had about 80 guests. The couple came to Bali twice in the year leading up to their wedding and we had plenty of discussions about all the details ranging from flower décor to table décor and other aspects. We also arranged for meetings with all the involved vendors so that Rob & Natalie could get acquainted with them and also hear their inputs. Natalie’s floral color theme was lovely with white as the dominating color and orange and yellow to accentuate it.  It consisted of Roses and other imported flowers. The ceremony was set for 5 pm and the late afternoon sun provided for a magical glow during the nuptials for this luxurious Bali Villa wedding. The reception was no less spectacular. The main highlights were when the couple cut the cake and huge sparklers went off in the background.  This was followed by a spectacular fire-dance performance which left everyone in awe. After the first dance it was ‘all party’ and they continued to party well beyond midnight. I leave you now with some impressions of this fabulous luxurious Bali villa wedding . Bali luxurious villa wedding decor for Bali luxury weddings decoration for Bali luxury weddings floor decor Bali delux wedding table decor for Bali luxury weddings Bali wedding in luxury villa Bali wedding in luxurious villa table set Bali wedding in luxurious villa design idea for Bali wedding Bali villa weddings luxury Bali luxury weddings Bali luxury villa wedding Luxury weddings in Bali villa wedding Bali luxury Villa wedding Bali luxurious Bali weddings in luxury villas Luxury villas in Bali for weddings Best Bali luxury weddings Bali wedding just married Best Bali villa for luxury weddings cake ccutting Bali luxury wedding firedancers at Bali luxury wedding Bali wedding villas for luxury   You can see even more photographs of this luxurious Bali villa wedding on this Bali wedding photographer's blog . And also you may want to see this other luxurious Bali Villa Wedding that took place in the same villa. If you have any questions or if you would like Jameela and my team to help you to have your Bali villa wedding in this or in another spectacular Bali Villa please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Happy Wedding – Jameela & Team

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