Bali wedding photographer review JO YU

As part of our series about Bali wedding photographer reviews, I am going to introduce you to Jo Yu. Authentic wedding photography in classic film-look style. Find out why Jo ranks among Bali’s most popular photographers.

10 interesting facts about Bali Beach weddings

  To say that Bali beach weddings are a very popular choice for couples is an understatement.   In fact, we receive so many inquiries and questions about beach weddings in Bali that I thought it is high time to share with you all you need to know about the...

Best Bali pre wedding photo locations

Bali is an island of outstanding beauty and therefore one of the world’s most popular destinations for pre-wedding, engagement and honeymoon photography. Spectacular beaches, beautiful rice paddies, mystical forest and dense jungle environments plus a unique architecture – you have it all in Bali.

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