The cost of a pre-wedding photographer in Bali

You want beautiful pre-wedding photographs at a fair price? You want to be smart about how much money you need to spend for good pre-wedding photos in Bali? You want to avoid being ripped off or have nasty unexpected fees pop up?

Three reasons why you should not get married in Bali

We get a lot of inquiries from couples who wish to get married in Bali for the wrong reasons. Or who have a wrong understanding about regulations and laws for getting married in Bali.
Therefore, I thought it may be a good idea to write an article to clear up some common misperceptions about getting married in Bali.

Bali aerial drone video and photography

Nowadays more and more couples have their wedding also documented in the form of a film. And you want your Bali wedding video to be perfect, don’t you ? Ladies, like it or not – there is a clear trend: DRONE VIDEO

Best Bali beach wedding venue

I am excited to present you Bali’s best beach wedding venue – the only truly private beach in Bali. You gonna love this one. And it is surprisingly affordable as well.

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