To say that clifftop villas in Bali are very popular as weddings venues would be an understatement. Hardly surprising when you consider the atmosphere and vistas of such a wedding.

Bali is indeed the best place in the world for this kind of wedding venue. Both in terms of variety and also in terms of affordability.

Clifftop villas in Bali for weddings are not cheap though.  Yet nowhere in the world do you get so much value for your money.

In this article I am going to show you what is the best way to book your clifftop villa wedding in Bali and what you need to know.

But before I continue let me set the stage with some spectacular photographs.



A truly regal setting for the start of your life together


Everything is ready...


Can it get any better than this ?



Bali clifftop villas - better than ever before


I have great news for you ladies and gents.  Market forces and increased competition among wedding venues in Bali have driven prices down. And made conditions much more favourable for couples.

Gone are the days when you were required to rent the villa for 3 or even 5 days. Some villas can now even be had as a wedding venue only.

Which brings me to what is probably your most burning question.



The cost of a Clifftop villa wedding in Bali


First things first. If you are looking for a truly affordable wedding in Bali then you do not need to read on. There are other options for you then.

Also, if you plan on having less than 15-20 guests at your Bali wedding then this is probably also not for you. Those villas are large and therefore make only sense for weddings with more than 30 people.

Typically, clifftop villas in Bali will cost you somewhere between 1200 US$ - 2000 US$ per night.

And they have somewhere between 2 and 6 bedrooms. So, they can sleep up to 12 people.

As I explained in the article BALI VILLA WEDDINGS CHEAPER THAN YOU THOUGHT  everything considered staying in such a villa with family and friends is usually cheaper than accommodation for the same amount of people in a good hotel.

Typically, cliff-top villas in Bali will cost you between 1200 US$ - 2000 US$ per night.

And they have between 2 and 6 bedrooms. So, they can sleep up to 12 people or more.

In Bali, for a villa wedding, you will also need to pay a function fee or event fee, which usually equals the rent of one or 1.5 nights at the villa.

Different rates apply, depending on high- or low-season.

But we are not done with the cost yet. So please read on.



who needs much decor when you have a view like this ?



Other cost components for your clifftop villa wedding in Bali


For a Bali clifftop villa wedding with 40 – 50 guests or more your cost for catering and alcoholic beverages will be your biggest expense besides the venue.

So, the catering and the drink options you choose will have a significant impact on your total budget.

And prices for catering can vary hugely depending on what you choose. Local Indonesian delicacies can be 70% - 80% cheaper when compared to high-end catering with food items such as lobster or imported meat options.

Consequently, when you have a wedding with more than 40, 50 guests you should focus your budgeting efforts and your bargaining powers on catering & booze. Some caterers even allow you to bring some of your alcoholic beverages on your own which can also save you money.

What else do we need for your wedding in Bali ? You also need to take into account the cost for:

Altar & Décor | Celebrant & ceremony | possibly entertainment such as band or DJ | photographer and video | makeup & hairstyling.

And depending on who you hire prices and level of service can vary greatly.

Let’s look at the décor for instance.

You can have a very elaborate décor with imported fresh flowers that will set you back for several thousand dollars or you can have a rather minimalist setup & décor for the fraction of that price.

If you want to know more about the prices for vendor services, we have an entire series of articles on this at:  COST & BUDGETING FOR A WEDDING IN BALI.

Or leave a comment below to get a quotation for your clifftop villa wedding in Bali.



Pure indulgence...


The perfect setting for starting your life together


A quiet moment of utter bliss...



You must have a wedding planner for a Bali clifftop villa wedding


Many of you have asked: why can I not just book the villa myself and then find my own vendors and do it all by myself.

There are a couple of reasons for that. So allow me to let you in on how it works.

Firstly, the villa does not have people on staff who can and want to answer the ‘thousands’ of questions any self-organizing bride will have.

Because their business is selling room nights for holidaymakers. They know little about décor options for weddings, where to get the celebrant / priest from – what is are ideal times to have your ceremony and and and…

That is not the line of business they are in. Therefore all aspects of your wedding will be taken care of by someone else.

The other reason is that the villa does want to have one responsible party in case something goes wrong. If for instance damage would be caused by a catering company the villa would not want to bring the matter up with the catering company, let alone with a bride who hired the caterer…

So dealing with a wedding planner makes their life easier for them. A sort of insurance.

Those are the reasons why clifftop villas in Bali require you to have a wedding planner.




Please be seated - dinner will be served shortly...


Clelebrating in style and with a view...



The biggest mistakes couples make when booking villa weddings in Bali


First, let me ask you the following: Do you want the lowest possible price for your clifftop villa wedding in Bali ?

You want the best possible value for your money, don't you ?

Then read on my Lovelies.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that going to the villa directly will give you a better price.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Here is why:

Firstly, the prices of clifftop villas in Bali are fixed. Whether you book yourself with the villa directly or let your wedding planner do that for you.

If you book directly with your chosen villa they will assign you a wedding planner of their choosing. And you still need to pay for the services of the wedding planner they assigned to you.

Which is not the best option for you!

Because some wedding planners have contractual agreements with clifftop villas. And consequently, get a better price than you. Same as travel agents get better prices from hotels.

And now comes the main thing: Few selected planners pass part of this better price onto to you.

Please contact me to find a planner who can help you saving cost on villa rental.



Honey let this moment be forever


Can it get any better than this ?



Book your villa always through an independent wedding planner


Another reason why you can get a better over-all package from an independent wedding planner is as follows:

You will certainly need help with finding a caterer, someone who does the décor and the altar setup, a celebrant for the ceremony, a photographer, etc…

And here a wedding planner you choose by yourself will get you better deals with vendors.

Be careful with planners in Bali, especially planners that have been chosen for you. Many of them play the ‘commission game’ – and only want to sell you vendors and services from who they can get huge commissions.

And guess who in the end pays those kickbacks…?

Therefore, I recommend you choose your own wedding planner first and let them make the booking with the villa for you. They get better rates than you booking directly with the villa. Resulting in a better overall price for you.

Ladies, the gist of it is:

While it may sound counter-intuitive it is usually more cost-effective for you to go through a wedding planner of your choice and let them make arrangements on your behalf for your cliff-top villa wedding in Bali.



Marry me at sunset !



The Best Bali clifftop villa wedding packages


I am sorry the previous headline actually is a bit misleading. Because villa weddings usually do not come as ‘package weddings’.

Because the villa itself only provides the venue. Everything else is customizable and will be provided by 3rd parties.

You then need to choose the décor and set up for your ceremony. Select a catering company you like. As well as celebrant / ceremony / photographer and and and…

In fact I caution you to opt for an all-inclusive clifftop villa wedding package. Why ? Because to make the package as affordable as possible sellers often include rather cheap and inadequate services for decor / catering / photographer / etc... Carefull ladies what you sign up for... 

Better have everything tailored to your liking and choose your vendors wisely.




We are married at last.


Sunset photos down at the beach




We as the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS have special agreements with several clifftop villas in Bali.

Therefore, we are in the position to offer you unmatched conditions and prices for your clifftop villa wedding in Bali.

If you want quotes for your clifftop villa wedding in Bali please click on the button below and we will send you a package.


Send me quotes for CLIFFTOP WEDDINGS in BALII want packages & prices



Ladies and Gents. I hope you have found this information useful. And you got some inspiration for your cliff-top villa wedding in Bali.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below or send me an email. I would be glad to assist you further.


Happy Wedding







P.S. Very special thank to Bali's best wedding photographer DOMINIK for allowing me to use those fantastic photographs


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