A beautiful Beach in Bali undisturbed by tourists and at a fair price. Impossible?

It used to be impossible but now you can have that and more in one very affordable package.

Ladies, you gonna love this. Read on...

The most affordable Beach wedding in Bali


Brides have told us over the years they want their Bali beach wedding to be highly affordable, but also to have privacy and not hordes of tourists wandering about…

You also want the beach to be easily accessible and to have basic facilities.

On top of that, your wedding beach should also be clean and good looking regardless if it is high tide or low tide.

Yet, finding such a beach in Bali is easier said than done.

Yet, we here at the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS have spared no effort to find exactly such a beach for you.

Until now packages for a Bali beach wedding usually cost north of 1000 USD - some can go even beyond 2000 $. And such packages often come bloated with unnecessary inclusions which not everybody needs.

This one is different though. Prices are set significantly south of 1000 USD. And you can get a bare minimum package with just the essentials included.

Let’s see some photographs first, shall we?



Have we found paradise or what ?



Together from now on...


The main confusion stems from the fact that many couples fail to understand that you cannot simply go on a beach set up an altar there and have your small ceremony.
In Bali, a permit is required and most beaches are not suited for having a wedding there.

And those permits cost money. Sometimes ridiculous amounts of money. Especially in the touristy areas of Bali.

We have a whole article that explains this in great length. Please see: TEN FACTS ABOUT BEACH WEDDINGS IN BALI

Some more pictures...



Attention please ! The bride is coming.



Marry me in BALI !


The ideal beach for a wedding in Bali


The good news is that the beach I am showing you is still somewhat a secret and untouched by mass tourism. You can celebrate your wedding undisturbed by bystanders.

Because it is off the beaten track the players in the Bali wedding industry are still blissfully unaware of this area.

Yet it is only a 15 - 20 minutes drive from Canggu - Bali’s Hipster capital.

How long until this beach is no secrete anymore remains to be seen… Yet it is fair to assume that for 2020 and into 2021 this beach will remain rather unknown, thus ideal for your wedding.



Just the two of you amid the blue sky and the turquoise ocean...



Pure wedding bliss...


Do good with your Bali beach wedding


Nowadays many conscious couples want their wedding also to have a positive impact on the local community.

And by having your wedding on this beach you can contribute to the local people.

Ladies, here is how.

In Bali, the wealth generated by tourism is unequally distributed. The local people who are lucky to live in parts of Bali that see a lot of tourism greatly benefit. Yet those who live in areas that see little or no tourism often remain desperately poor.

Therefore having your wedding at this beach will contribute to the local economy.



A wedding here greatly benefits the local community



Make a difference and can help the local economy with your wedding here.


Not only do the proceedings from renting the beach go directly to the village there but also all the folks who will be involved in arranging your wedding are from the nearby areas.

Also, all the flowers and other items used for your altar and decor are sourced locally.

And all this combined also has the nice side effect that a wedding on this beach is significantly cheaper than beach weddings that take place in Bali’s popular and crowded areas.

Holding your wedding here will not only be an inexpensive and rewarding experience but will also benefit the less fortunate communities in wonderful Bali.

I am sure you will appreciate that.


Great for wedding photos


Unlike the popular beaches located in Uluwatu or Legian & Seminyak which have no rice fields or other lovely, natural Bali environments close by this beach has it all.

In close proximity to this beach, you can find some of Bali’s most beautiful locations where you can have those wonderful wedding pictures that have made Bali such a famous place for photos.

Whether you want photos in those lovely rice paddies or in a rain forest environment. Or have your photos taken amid Bali’s captivating temple architecture or amid a spectacular sunset.

Here you can have it all.

So let’s see some photos - all of which were taken within a 1 - 2 km radius and only a 5 - 10 minutes drive from the beach where your wedding will take place.

If you also want such great photos you should hire a good photographer though. And allow a couple of hours for photography.

Consequently you may want to have your wedding ceremony a bit earlier in the afternoon so that you have enough time afterwards for such photos. Or do the photos before the wedding ceremony and have one of these gorgeous sunset weddings.








What else do you need to know…


Of course, not everything is ideal.  Even at this magical beach location.

I need to be perfectly honest with you and also inform you about some things that may not be ideal for everyone.

Firstly it is not possible to have your wedding reception or dinner at this beach. Because there are no facilities such as toilets or electricity available. You can only have your wedding ceremony at this beach.

But that is not a big deal Ladies. Because as mentioned above Canggu, Bali’s hipster tourist area with its literally hundreds of restaurants is just a 20 minutes drive away. And there you will find a gazillion of options for the perfect wedding dinner.

Secondly, because of the lack of facilities, this beach is only suited for elopements and weddings with no more than a handful of guests.






Guys, I recommend you book your wedding there early because like everything in Bali prices will rise (quickly) and so will the popularity of this beautiful beach location.

If you want to see packages for this beach please click the button below.


I want an affordable BEACH WEDDINGGet your personalized beach wedding experience


If you have any questions please contact me directly or leave a comment below.









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