Wedding Photography

Please see our articles about Pre Wedding Photography in Bali and how to find the right photographer

Affordable Wedding Photographers in Bali

There is great demand in Bali for affordable wedding photographers. However, you need to be careful with the countless incompetent want-to-be photographers. Here are some great options for you with great prices.

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Timing for a wedding in Bali

Timing is everything or so they say. This also very much applies to weddings in Bali. In this article Jameela explains the best timing for a wedding in Bali. And shares some useful insights into scheduling the events for a destination wedding in Bali

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The Bali Photo agency trap

If good wedding photography and a stunning documentation of your big day in Bali are of great importance to you then you should read this and take some of the views expressed here into consideration when selecting a photographer for your wedding in Bali.

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