In the following we present you articles that will help you to plan your wedding in Bali

Beach weddings in Bali

Barefoot on a secluded tropical beach, the turquoise sea under a deep blue, cloudless sky and the sound of waves gently touching the shore… … these are the ingredients for an enchanting beach wedding in Bali. Many couples have enjoyed such a backdrop for their nuptials in Bali.

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Timing for a wedding in Bali

Timing is everything or so they say. This also very much applies to weddings in Bali. In this article Jameela explains the best timing for a wedding in Bali. And shares some useful insights into scheduling the events for a destination wedding in Bali

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The A-B-C of a Bali Villa wedding

A Bali villa wedding is great in the fact that you have the most options and the greatest possible flexibility in regards to all components of your wedding. And it were villa weddings that have made Bali such a popular wedding destination.

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Is a Bali wedding legal (and valid in my home country) ?

A very frequently asked question by couples wanting to get married in Bali is whether a wedding in Bali is legal and also recognized in their home country. The short answer to this is: YES, it is. But it does not necessarily need to be if you don’t want or require a legal marriage.

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10 recipes for a perfect Bali Wedding

Your perfect Bali wedding will be a once in a life time event. Therefore it is very important that your wedding in Bali runs smoothly. In the following we would like to present you with some guidelines that will help you to make your wedding in Bali truly perfect.

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Can I have a Balinese wedding – just like a Balinese would have ?

When in Bali do as the Balinese do, right ? Why not getting married in Bali and hold your wedding just as the Balinese would, in a spectacular Balinese temple with all the enchanting temple décor, Balinese flower girls, a Balinese Hindu priest , a traditional Balinese music ensemble, Balinese dancers, etc..

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